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  Calendars Academic Integrity Policy
Advising Center
Academic Programs (UG)
Campus Environment
Assessment (Fall 2006 -- still current?)
Catalog 2005-2007   (large PDF file)
Catalog 2007-2008
CCFO Website
Clarification of roles of Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
College Council Minutes & Reports
College Council Bylaws
Copyright Policy
Course Description Review
New Concentration Proposal
Course Descriptions
Course Schedule
Curriculum Calendar 2006-2007
Degree Requirements
Directed Studies
FERPA Policy
Faculty + Staff
Faculty Handbook
Faculty Survival Guide
Field Trip Form
Grade Change Form(Temporary Replacement)

Graduate Academic Policies & Procedures
Grading System, Grievances
Incomplete Grade Policy
Incomplete Grade Form
Independent Projects
Independent Projects (Film & Video)
J-Session (J-Term) Proposal Form
Mission Statement for Columbia College
Minor Proposal Process
New Provost's Office website
Oasis: How to Post Your Syllabus
Oasis: Other Tutorials
Online Student Evaluations Fall 2007 Memo
P-Fac Contract
Pilot Course Proposal
Provost's Office Task Forces
Registration, SP07 / Undergrad
Registration, SP07 / Graduate
Sabbaticals information
Space Planning (R-25)
Student Code of Conduct
Student Handbook
Student Experiencing Difficulties
Summer Teaching Hours, Provost's Limitation on
Syllabus Template
Syllabus: Writing Learning Outcomes
Transfer Credits Policy
Tenure Application Information Summary Form (Provost's Page)
Tenure Document

Tenure Document (as HTML)
Warehouse: archives of old admin files
Writing Intensive Guidelines
Writing Intensive Policy (Superseded)

Proposal Guidelines & Forms
Directed Studies
Changes to Existing Courses
Concentration Proposal
Independent Projects
Independent Projects (Film & Video)
Interdisciplinary Major
    Guidelines in use by Student Advising
J-Session (J-Term) Proposal Form
Pilot Course Proposal
Pilot to Permanent Proposal
Minor Proposal Process
Slight changes in curriculum
Majors/Programs Proposal Process
Majors/Programs Budget Guidelines
Majors/Programs Budget Template

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