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      Lesson One: Press Release Basics

        The basics of journalistic writing - the 5 W's, inverted pyramid ... the importance of story in PR writing... analyzing the elements of a news story...

      Lesson Two: Writing for Editors

        The news angle... the role of the editor... what do editors look for in a story? the press release and media alert format...

      Lesson Three: Pre-writing and Planning your Message

        The importance of the writing process... outlining, clustering and other ways of organizing information... crafting the message... the importance of revisions and redrafts.

      Lesson Four: Features

        Discovering feature material, placement of ideas... Other uses of PR writing for feature stories. Also, press releases for arts events and similar activities... the relationship of the press release to the press kit, and the press conference...

      Lesson Five: Pitching Stories and Interviews

        Memos, pitch letters and confirmation letters... "scripting" the interview... how to meet the media.

      Lesson Six: Press Release Enhancements

        Different ways to diversify your style and make your copy more compelling.... different types of press release lead.

      Lesson Seven: Broadcast Release & PSA

        Four principal vehicles for broadcast publicity... differences in writing for the ear vs. the eye... basic principles of writing for the ear, and formats for the broadcast release & PSA.

      Lesson Eight: Midterm

        A timed online exam .

      Lesson Nine: Video News Releases and Radio Actualities

        VNRs, filmscripts, presentations, visual treatments... how do news outlets use your PR submissions.. new technologies in PR.

      Lesson Ten: Research and Fact-Finding

        How public relations professionals are using the Internet... Web-based challenges and opportunities. Writing for Web sites. .

      Lesson Eleven: Planning Memos, Backgrounders, and other Written Communications

        Public relations writing for internal audiences. Writing backgrounders, position papers and other longer pieces for different publics. Also, discussion of advertising for the PR professional... developing a concept and a visual... stages of creativity.

      Lesson Twelve: Speeches and Presentations .

        Types of speeches... the mechanics of organization... making brief remarks, presentations, formal speeches.

      Lesson Thirteen: PR Writing and the Web

        How public relations professionals are using the Internet... Web-based challenges and opportunities. Writing for Web sites. .

      Lesson Fourteen: Public Relations Campaign Design

        Developing the outline of a PR campaign and communicating your ideas to different publics... different types of media kit.

      Lesson Fifteen: Final Exam

        Multiple choice test and a writing exercise. Online students will take a timed exam in the classroom, not online .