Fall 2010: College mathematics

Section 07, meets Tuesdays, 3:30 - 6:20

Section 14, meets Thursdays, 12:30 - 3:20

Week 14: Each section will review by going over the quizzes from throughout the semester of the other section. Thus, Tuesday class students should prepare the questions from Thursday class quizzes, and vice versa; all are linked on this page.

Week 13: Material in week 13 on sequences and series. For the benefit mostly of the Thursday section, I also handed out a solution guide to the problems at the end of chapter 12, which you can download below:

Homework: H13, all problems except number 1.

Week 12: Tuesday class: hand back Quiz 3 and look at material in Week 12. Thursday class: no class due to Thanksgiving (you'll get your quizzes back in week 13).

Section 07

Section 14

Week 11: Quiz 3 in class. We also went over the material in week 11. The homework for Week 11 is the worksheet linked below.

Week 10: This week we'll cover all of the material on exponential and logarithmic equations.

Homework for week 10: All of H10.

Update II: Solutions are now up as well for the sample exam.

Update: You can download a sample quiz 3 to help you study for Quiz 3. Solutions will be up this weekend, as usual.

Week 9: This week I shall hand back your quizzes, as well as a set of solutions to the quiz for each class. In case you miss class, you can download them here as well.

Update: You may now download solutions to the Week 8 homework below.

Homework for week 9: H9, #1-5.

Section 07

Section 14

Week 8: Quiz 2 during the second half of class. This week's homework is the in-class worksheet on literal equations, which you can also download here:

Week 7: First of all, reminder: Quiz 2 is during Week 8 (October 26 and 28). I made another Sample Quiz for you to work on and help you study for the quiz next week. Update: Solutions are now up!

This week, the Pythagorean Theorem, and word problems! I also handed out a set of solutions for all of the inverse proportion problems in the main body of the chapter from Week 6. You can download it here:

Homework: All of H7.

Week 6: This week I shall hand back your quizzes, as well as a set of solutions to the quiz for each class. In case you miss class, you can download them here as well. Homework for week 6: H6, just page 1.

Section 07

Section 14

Week 5: The first half of class, we talked about using the equation-solving techniques on applied problems. Homework for week 5: All of H5 in the back of the book.

Week 4: UPDATE: The practice quiz and solutions are now up on the moodle site. You can also get them right here:

Homework for week 4: All of H4 in the back of the book. Reminder: there is a quiz in class next week!

Week 3: This week you will receive your complimentary ruler and protractor, for you to use for the remainder of the semester and keep.
Homework: All of H3.

Week 2: This week, we will receive our loaner calculators and begin using them in class each week. The calculators will be TI-73s, and in case you would like to get help using them, there is a manual online at the TI website (click to download).
Homework: H2, section 2 (on statistics) only, problems 1, 4, and 6 (all parts)

Please note: Office hours for Monday, Sept. 13 are cancelled.

Week 1: Introduction and syllabus.
Homework: H1 (from the back of your book), problems 2,4,5,6,7.

Both sections of this course also have a moodle page, where you will find updates on homework assignments and the class schedule as the semester progresses.