Fall 2010: Calculus I

Calculus I

Section 01, meets Monday and Wednesday, 10:30 - 12:20.

Wednesday, December 7: Quiz 6 in class, and I'll also hand out a review for the final.

Monday, November 22: Quiz 5 in class.

Wednesday, November 17: Reminder: QUIZ 5 is in class on Monday, November 22. I also promised a more detailed solution to Problem 12 in the Applied Optimization homework section. This is linked below.

Wednesday, November 10: We had QUIZ 4 in class.

Monday, November 1: Returned and went over the MIDTERM exam.

Monday, October 26: Will return QUIZ 3 and go over the sample midterm.

Monday, October 12: Returned graded QUIZ 2.

Reminder: Wednesday, October 6, QUIZ 2 in class (covering material up to Chapter 3.3).

On Monday, September 27, I handed back your quizzes. The original quiz document and the solution can be found here:

News: As of Monday, September 27, the meeting room for the course has been changed to room 216 (still in 623 S. Wabash). There are two(!) boards in this room, which should make it a little bit easier to keep the lectures flowing.


Please note that this course will use an online learning management system provided by Pearson. You must purchase access to the myPearson system provided with your textbook. The course ID for your section is shaw61164. You can access the Pearson system online at http://www.coursecompass.com.