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Math 221 sections 02xx Spring 2009

Lecturer Dr. Christopher Shaw Lecture time MWF 2:00-3:00
Email schris at umd dot edu Classroom Jiménez 0220
Office MATH 2209 Recitation Tuesdays at 8, 9, 10, or 11
Office hours Mon 3pm, Thu 11am, or by appt. Final exam May 14, 2009, 1:30-3:30
Final Exam review Wed. May 13, FSK 0106, 2-4pm

Wednesday, May 13 The review is from 2-4pm in Key Hall 0106. I will go over the exam from Fall 2008 (link: [PDF] ).

Monday, May 11 Here is a link to the problems we discussed in class today; problems from old exams are referenced so you may look up the original problems in testbank: Final Review Slides, Chapters 8-12 [PDF].

Thursday, May 7 Final exam rooms are posted. Russ's sections are in HJP (Patterson Hall) 2242; Ilya's sections are in SPH (School of Public Health Building) 1312. For building locations, see the campus map.

Tuesday, April 21 Solutions to the practice exam here [PDF file].

Tuesday, April 21 Exam 3 is on Friday, April 24. I have made a practice exam, which I shall go over on Wednesday in class. You can download the practice exam here [PDF file]. If you attended class on Monday and received a copy of it, please note that there was an error in question 1b, part i. The version here is correct.

Saturday, April 4 Grades for Exam 2 should go up over the weekend. In the meantime, I have posted the exam sheet and the key here [PDF file].

Friday, March 27 Exam 2 is on Wednesday, April 1. I have made a practice exam, which I shall go over on Monday in class. You can download the practice exam here [PDF file].

Friday, March 13 Class was not terribly well-attended today, so I have made a printout-friendly copy of the class notes, which you may download here [PDF file].

Please note that online grade information is now available for students who consented by signing the waiver form in class. Links to each individual section's gradesheet are listed by section below. If you would like to have your alias added to or removed from the online grade report, please send me an email.

Exam 1 is on Monday, February 23. You can see old exams on the testbank (link below). On Friday, February 20, I will go over a new practice exam, available here: here [PDF file].

I have put a brief note on cosine and sine exponential notation here: here [PDF file].

To view the course syllabus and class schedule, click here [PDF file].
To view general Webassign instructions, click here [PDF file].
For the Math department testbank with old exams, click here.

Please note the calendar on the right side of the page. This will be updated throughout the semester with the lecture topic for each day and quiz topic for the week. If the quiz topic is not mentioned, you may assume that the quiz will be based on the material up to and including the previous day's lecture. If you cannot see the calendar, click here.

The first day of class, you will get a copy of the course syllabus, and I shall do a brief review of the material covered in Math 220. You will have a quiz on the first day of recitation (Tuesday, January 27), with a few basic questions on material from Math 220. You may see a sample of what kind of material may be asked on the first quiz here (PDF).

Russ Halper
Email: russ at math dot umd dot edu
Office: MATH 4400
Office Hours: Tue. 3-5pm
Tutoring Hour in 0301: Thu. 9-10am
Section 0232
Tuesdays, 10-10:50am
MTH 0105
Online Grade posting
Section 0242
Tuesdays, 11-11:50am
MTH 1311
Online Grade posting
Ilya Kopysitsky
Email: ilyakopy at math dot umd dot edu
Office: MTH 1305
Office Hours: Tue. 12-1pm; Thu. 2-3pm
Tutoring Hour in 0301: Tue. 4-5pm
Section 0211
Tuesdays, 8-8:50am
MTH 0411
Online Grade posting
Section 0221
Tuesdays, 9-9:50am
MTH 0411
Online Grade posting
Section 0231
Tuesdays, 10-10:50am
MTH 0409
Online Grade posting
Section 0241
Tuesdays, 11-11:50am
MTH 0104
Online Grade posting

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