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This page contains updates on the material covered in each class period, as well as links to pertinent documents.
     Your final exam will take place on Monday, December 15, from 1:30-3:30pm, in Art-Sociology Building 2309. Make sure to arrive early! To find that building, look at the online interactive map (the abbreviation is ASY).
     Attention: Class has been moved back to the original room for the remainder of the semester.
     Early warning grades have been issued as of October 7, 2008, and are available on testudo. These are nonbinding reflections of your current earned grade in the course, and are done for all Math 100 and 200-level courses.
     To view the course syllabus, click here.
     For the Math department testbank with old exams, click here.

Mon, Dec. 15 1:30-3:30pm, Final Exam (ASY 2309)

Thu, Dec. 11 Review for Final Exam.

Tue, Dec. 9 Review for Final Exam.

Thu, Dec. 4 Exam 3 in-class.

Tue, Dec. 2 Review for Exam 3. Quiz 10.

Thu, Nov. 27 No class (Thanksgiving).

Tue, Nov. 25 Quiz 9 due in class. Finish section 8.6

Thu, Nov. 20 Section 8.5 (part II), and Section 8.6. Hand out take-home Quiz 9, due on Tuesday. If you won't be here on Tuesday, make sure to get it to me before you leave, either to me personally, or in the envelope on my office door (Math 2211).

Tue, Nov. 18 Section 8.5 (part I), taught by Enrico in the regular room

Thu, Nov. 13 Appendix on Hypergeometric Random Variables, taught by Dave Shoup in ARM 0131

Tue, Nov. 11 Section 8.4 (cont), taught by me in ARM 0135

Thu, Nov. 4 Section 8.4, taught by Dave Shoup in ARM 0131

Tue, Nov. 4 Section 8.3, taught by Dave Shoup in ARM 0135

Thu, Oct. 29 Exam 2 (covers up to 8.2) in class.

Tue, Oct. 28 In-class review for Exam 2. We shall go over the exam from Spring 2004 (click to download from the testbank). We shall also go over a Chapter 7 review sheet. Solutions here.

Thu, Oct. 23 Class on section 8.2 will take place with both sections of Math 111FC together, in MATH 3206 (math department colloquium room).

Tue, Oct. 21 Quiz in class on section 7.6. Go over 8.1.

Thu, Oct. 16 Collect the quiz, go over section 7.6.

Thu, Oct. 14 Go over section 7.5; hand out take-home quiz, due in class on Thursday, October 16.

Thu, Oct. 9 Go over sections 7.4 and 7.5.

Tue, Oct. 7 Briefly go over the exam; continue on to 7.3 and 7.4.

Thu, Oct. 2 Exam 1 (covers up to 7.2) in class.

Wed, Oct. 1 Extra review for Exam 1, 11:00 - 12:30, in MATH B0421, our regular classroom (led by me). We will go over Exam 1 from Fall 2002. (Not in the testbank)

Tue, Sept. 30 Go over the quiz from Tuesday. Solutions: quiz solutions (click to download). The median grade for Quiz 3 was 10, so good job this week. In-class Review for Exam 1. We will go over Exam 1 from Spring 2007 (click to download).

Thu, Sept. 25 Quiz at the beginning of class on chapter 6.4 and 7.1; cover Chapter 7.2.

Tue, Sept. 23 Cover Chapter 7.1. Hand out Exam 1 from Fall 2002 for practice.

Thu, Sept. 18 Go over the quiz from Tuesday. Solutions: quiz solutions (click to download). The median grade was 10 (good job!). Conclude chapter 6.4. Hand out a copy of Exam 1 from Spring 2007 (click to download) for practice.

Tue, Sept. 16 Quiz at the beginning of class on chapter 6.3. Begin Chapter 6.4.

Thu, Sept. 11 Go over the quiz from Tuesday; hand out the quiz solutions (click to download either). The median grade was 8/10. Review some material from 6.1 and 6.2; conclude chapter 6.3.

Tue, Sept. 9 Quiz in class on chapters 6.1 - 6.2. Begin chapter 6.3.

Thu, Sept. 4 In-class worksheet (download here) reviewing chapter 6.1. Cover all of chapter 6.2.

Tue, Sept. 2 Handed out course syllabus. Went over chapter 6.1.

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