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Math 0115 Section 0101, Summer I 2007 - Course Syllabus

Instructor Christopher Shaw Meeting time M-F 11:00-12:20
Email schris at umd dot edu Classroom MATH 0201
Office MATH 4302 First day June 04, 2007
Office hours after class M&W; by appt. Final exam July 13, 2007
Tutoring Hour M - F in MATH 0403, with Guoyuan Liu

Course website
Among other things, the course website contains:
  • Schedule of material to be covered in each class period;
  • Homework assignment lists;
  • Online copies of handouts;
  • Pertinent departmental links.
Required textbook Precalculus, Stewart/Redlin/Watson (solution manual available). We shall cover the entire book, except for Chapters 8 and 9, which may not be included in your book, depending on the version you have.
Calculators None required. Graphing calculators (any) will be permitted for in-class work and homework, but no calculator may be used for quizzes or exams.
Homework There will be occasional homework, consisting of either problems from the textbook, or handouts. On days when no homework is assigned, your unspoken assignment (which is just as important) is to practice the material from the day's lecture on your own. I shall maintain a list of recommended problems from each lecture to help you on days when homework is not due for collection.

These will generally be given during the last twenty minutes of class, every Tuesday and Thursday. I reserve the right to give an additional in-class or take-home quiz at any point.

Because the summer schedule is so dense, please note that quizzes will often be given on material from the day before.

Exams There will be three in-class exams, including a final exam on the last day of class.
Absences Absence from class is not penalized; however, no makeup quizzes will be given (see below). Exams from which you have a documented excused absence may be made up in a timely manner.
Grading policy

(Unexcused) late homework and/or take-home quizzes will be penalized by 25% per day late. Bonus questions may occasionally be given, whose allocation will be announced by me at the time of the assignment.

Points for the class grade are assigned as follows: each exam is worth 100 points, and most quizzes will be worth 25 points, hence, one exam grade is worth about four quiz grades. Graded homework assignments will have a point value between 5 and 25 points, depending on the magnitude of the work required. Your final grade will be calculated as your earned percentage of the total possible points.

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Course text: Please be sure you have the 5th edition of Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus, by Stewart, Redlin, and Watson. The cover looks like this:

It is available at the campus bookstore, the Maryland Book Exchange, and at If you buy it from any of these three places, you will get a special version of the book without Chapters 8 and 9, and labeled Math 115 on the cover. There is also a student solution manual.