Top Ten Priorities for Lesson Nine

Please be sure to double check each release against the information
on the page, Evaluating Press Releases and the Press Release Checklist

  1. We're now in the re-write phase of the semester. There will be no further writing assignments, and you may concentrate on rewriting your previous drafts for an improved grade.

  2. How you handle rewrites is optional. You may send me rewrites based on my comments and edits on each first draft. Or you may simply do a final draft for each assignment and include it in your Final Portfolio. Your only "hard" deadline is your July 16 deadline for the Final Portfolio.

  3. You may rewrite any of the assignments I have previously edited. Be sure to follow my edits and do not send me unimproved work. I will expect you to have combined what you have learned from each assignment.

  4. Naming your files is very important, now that we're doing rewrites. Remember -- both your email subject line and your document must be correctly named. Your subject line so the email is filtered to the right place . . . and your document so I can find it on my hard drive among all the other assignments. Keeping delivery protocols straight is an important aspect of the Information Age, and thus it will affect your grade if you can't master this simple fact. More importantly, I may not even know you've sent me email if it lacks that PRW and is not routed to the right mailbox. More at the page on Naming Files.
  5. I understand that you are gradually improving by trial and error with each assignment. With "Westland" you worked with big brush-strokes to get the format right. With "Evita" you learned more about the Message Planner. With "Natgo," maybe you finally understood the importance of a compelling quote. By the time you got to the midterm, you had learned a lot about what to do and not to do. My comments have become briefer as you've learned how.

  6. Note the special case of the first "Westland" assignment. You will see that I have basically done the work for you on that first effort -- with a sample Message Planner and a sample release. So I will not need to do any further editing work on your "Westland" draft -- I will expect you to polish a final version to be included with your PSA final draft, and submitted in your Final Portfolio.

  7. Your Final Exam will be on the weekend of Fri.-Sat.-Sun., July 13-14-15.
  8. Your Final Portfolio will be due Sunday at midnight, July 15
  9. Your Final Exam will resemble your midterm – a release with a summary lead, plus two delayed leads – except without the delayed leads. You will have the same 3-hour window in which to complete a message planner, plus the copies.

  10. Look at the grading rubric on your midterm – the little square with weighted evaluation of the different aspects of your press release – to get a sense of how I'm grading your work.

    The "Ten Takeaways" are your fast track to understanding and completing this week's work, but for a deeper understanding you need to read further and in greater detail about each subject we cover. For more information about press release style notes, look at this link.