Public Relations Writing

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Top Ten Takeaways for Lesson Two

This is all you need to know to meet this week's deadline.
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  1. PR Writing is a three-step process: pre-writing, writing and re-writing. Every assignment in this course will be rewritten, before you earn a final grade.
  2. Every assignment will be pre-written as well using the Message Planner. Even the "Westland" assignment will eventually get its Planner -- but not quite yet.
  3. Use the digital Message Planner for your assignments -- the handwritten version (above) is for notetaking, when you're gathering facts for your story. In this course for the most part I'll be spoon-feeding you the facts.
  4. Start at the top, identifying your client, and stating the objective of your message -- what do you want people to do?
  5. Then focus on the 5 W's -- the essential facts of the story. Who is the central attraction, the "hero" of your story? What is she doing that's newsworthy?
  6. The "Sixth W" is "So What?! That is, the News Angle. When you pitch this story the cranky editor will reply, "So what? Who cares? What makes your story newsworthy?" Here's what editors consider newsworthy.
  7. As you review the page about The Basics, notice that "Where" and "When" are as important as Who and What... to make the cut it must be "Here" and "Now"
  8. Jump down to the message. Even though we're leaving out a few important steps here, take your best shot at crafting a "theme paragraph" (a.k.a., message) that includes all 5 W's, along with the sharpest news angle you can come up with -- why should the editor consider this news? Read Point 7 at this page.

  9. Your assignment for this lesson is in two parts: First, write an announcement press release, with message planner, about a production of the rock opera "Evita". For content (what are the facts of the story?) click here. For sample press release format, again, click here. Be sure to put both) the message planner (single spaced) and two-page press release (double spaced) in the same file, properly named.
  10. Second, write a media alert for the Jan. 14 "Westland" press conference. Click here for a sample Media Alert.

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