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PR Writing - Lesson 7

(This is the page for this week's VNR assignment, due Sun. Oct. 25)

In this lesson we are moving on to VNRs – the video news releases that you see practically every time you watch TV news.

Video News Releases are increasingly popular – and effective – and controversial. Though broadcast news professionals aren't always comfortable discussing the fact, much of what you see when you watch the "news" is actually corporate or government footage provided to the station.

It works much like a press release. When you send a release to the newspapers, the idea is to impress them with the news value of your message, and then dazzle them with the clarity of your ideas, so that they can use those ideas to produce their own news coverage – and, if you've been effective, they will (without really thinking about it) convey the same message you packed into those paragraphs.

VNRs do the same for television news. TV program directors will be so impressed with the news value of your message – and the visual appeal of the story -- that they will use some of your footage, plus additional footage they'll shoot on their own, to repackage your ideas in their own TV coverage – and, if you're effective, they will (again, without really thinking about it) convey the same message you packed into those frames.

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