Public Relations Writing: Lesson Five

      Lesson Five deals with pitching stories to the media. It's some of the most important PR writing you will ever do, and also some of the most creative.

      And -- good news for you -- it's less formally structured than writing a press release, which gives you more freedom in your public relations writing. We will continue to write press releases throughout the semester, of course, but it's nice to get a break from the rigors of press release structure, to concentrate on something else for a while.

      By the time you're reading this, I am busy editing your assignments from last week, which were due Sunday at midnight. . As a checklist, you should already have completed the following assignments:
      • PRW-yourlastname-Westland press release for "From the Heart"
      • PRW-yourlastname-Evita press release with Message Planner
      • PRW-yourlastname-Media Alert included in "Evita document"
      • PRW-yourlastname-Feature press release with Message Planner
      • PRW-yourlastname-Product press release with Message Planner
      • and you're working on PRW-yourlastname-Pitch with Message Planner

      You should have already received my edits on your "Evita," Media Alert and Feature release, which as you can see are fairly specific comments, usually with links that take you by the hand and lead you patiently back to the lessons.

      All your assignments in this class will require rewriting -- PR writing is all about PRE-writing, Writing, and RE-writing -- but you should not do any rewrites for several weeks. As you struggle with new assignments you will learn more, and that will help you avoid third and fourth drafts when you begin your rewrites. You will have basically the whole second half of this semester to complete your rewrites, with no new writing assignments (except the Final Exam).

      If you have fallen behind in your assignments, let me urge you not to give up -- yet. Not everyone is suited to an online course, and there's no shame in reconsidering whether this is right for you. But I would rather help you pass the course, and that begins by YOU reading the Assignments link and doing your best with a draft of each assignment.

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      Keep up the good work,

      Alton Miller