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Public Relations Writing, Lesson 14

      This subject in this lesson is designing a public relations campaign ... this is where you put together many of the elements you have been practicing, and “graduate” your Message Planner work into an entire game plan for your company or client..

      This lesson will be useful to PR majors and anyone who needs to know how to manage public relations for yourself, or for a client, anyone from an individual artist to a major corporation or political campaign. For you right now, it's also an opportunity for extra credit. Otherwise you may skip this lesson and concentrate on completing your rewrites.

      Time to think about your Final Exam I will email every student to remind you of the need to schedule a time for your final exam. Meanwhile, you can find out more about the final at this Final Exam link.

      You can take your final exam from home or on any other computer -- just as you did your midterm. You will be given a time limit of three hours to complete the exam and return it to me. This requires that you pick a start time, when I will email you the details of the exam. Go to the Final Exam page for more information -- and then get back to me right away with your choice of date and time.

      If you sent me re-writing assignments I am probably working on them now. With any online course, sometimes assignments get lost in the ether, I realize. You should have all my feedback by now.

    You may go back
    to Lesson 13
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    ahead of time, if you like.

    Now, go on to Lesson Fourteen.

    Keep up the good work,

    Alton Miller