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Public Relations Writing, Lesson 12

      This subject this week is Speeches and Presentations ... different types of speeches, the mechanics of organization, and making brief remarks, presentations, and formal speeches.

      Speeches and presentations can be the center of your PR campaign. Imagine you're the press secretary in a political campaign. Depending on your strategy, you and the candidate may devote almost all your time to this type of communication. The same might be true for non-political PR campaigns promoting a cause of some kind, such as literacy -- which could involve a heavy schedule of speaking every fall (around the beginning of school) and every spring (around commencement).

      As you continue to work on your rewrites, here are some pointers on how to improve your work – everything you need to get an "A" in this course is right there:

      • Start with the link called Evaluating Press Releases . . .
      • and follow the links to the Press Release Checklist, and samples of "A" work, "C" work, and "F" work . . .
      • as well as the sample Message Planner.
      • Finally, I understand that some students may have merely skimmed the lesson material (they call it a 'browser' for a reason) ... As you review my edits and comments, go back to the original source and read it again – it's all there.

      By now you know that your Final Portfolio will include a number of final drafts of press releases and other PR writings.

      Don't forget that I'm "taking attendance" on Lessons 12, 13, and 14, as I have been on previous lessons.

      Now, go on to Lesson Twelve.

      Keep up the good work,

      Alton Miller