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This page will be used for posting original work by the Columbia College community on the subject of civic engagement.

To post something you have written, email the webmaster with a clean, formatted copy (either email text or an attached document).

January 21, 2003
101 Reasons Not to Go to War with Iraq It's not moral, it's not legal, it's not urgent, it's not going to do what they think it will do, it is going to do what they think it won't do, and it will create a disastrous legacy that we'll all have to live with for the rest of our lives.      more...

December 24, 2002
A Defining Moment for Liberals You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to know that what is unfolding is not simply a response to crisis but a long-planned agenda for war. There is only one topic for liberals now and that is Iraq. How liberals respond -- in our individual consciences but more importantly in our practical effectiveness at promoting the common good -- will define us no less than we were defined a generation ago by our response to the war in Vietnam.      more...

January 3, 2003
Liberals and Public Opinion The stereotype: liberals are compassionate, conservatives are competent. In a world of us against them, every man for himself, who would you rather have in charge? Liberals need to replace right-wing hucksterism with meaningful communication. :     more...

The newsletters of OnTheGround, the Columbia Campus antiwar organization, constitute a body of writing by members of the Columbia College community, in particular Spencer Kingman, a Columbia student, and Joan McGrath, a staff member in the Film/Video Dept. and faculty advisor to OnTheGround. Here are the newsletter links (also found on the Action page):