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  1. Kiss Them for Me ( 1957)
    Color (DeLuxe)
    Three navy war heroes are booked on a morale-building "vacation" in San Francisco. Once they manage to elude their ulcerated public relations officer, the trio throw a wild party with plenty of pretty girls.
    102-103 mins.

  2. Days of Wine and Roses ( 1962)
    from IMDB:Joe Clay is a top-notch public relations man. Anything a client wants Joe can arrange for them, whether it be dancing girls or an article in a prominent magazine. Part of the job however is drinking and Joe's ability to consume alcohol seems boundless. When he meets the very pretty Kirsten Arnasen, she prefers chocolate to alcohol but Joe has a solution to that in the form of a Brandy Alexander (made up of brandy and creme de cocoa). They eventually marry but their love is insufficient to prevent them from the downward spiral that alcohol brings to them. They try desperately to break the habit but continually relapse until only one of them manages to break free. Written by garykmcd 117 mins.

  3. Don't Go Near the Water ( 1957)
    Color (Metrocolor)
    Navy office workers scheme to build a recreation hall on a remote Pacific island.
    9,614 mins.

  4. Enemy from Space ( 1957)
    Black and White
    Like the previous film, Enemy from Space was adapted from Nigel Kneale's popular 1953 BBC television series The Quatermass Experiment. According to the interview with director Val Guest on the DVD version of the film, this marked the first time that location shooting had occurred inside the House of Lords. A modern source asserts that Kneale disliked Enemy from Space and, when the film's rights reverted to him, tried to prevent the film from being exhibited.
    84 mins.

  5. Flame of the Islands ( 1956)
    Color (Trucolor)
    Rosalind Dee is a cabaret singer who aspires to enter high society. When she comes into dirty money she forms a partnership with two gambling-club owners to build the establishment into a gathering place for the only the most elite.
    90 mins.

  6. Fornicon--Pattern of Evil ( 1970)
    72 mins.

  7. Gentlemen of the Press ( 1929)
    Black and White
    "Melodrama", "Reporters", "Secretaries", "Public relations", "Childbirth", "Fatherhood", "",

  8. How To Do Anything at All With Girls ( 1968)
    80 mins.

  9. Invasion of the Saucer Men ( 1957)
    Black and White
    The film begins with a shot of the cover of a book entitled A True Story of a Flying Saucer and ends with an alien's hand closing the book and the words "The End...until the next time." Narration spoken by Lyn Osborn, as the character "Art Burns," purported author of A True Story of a Flying Saucer, is heard at the beginning and end of the film. According to a January 1957 Hollywood Reporter news item, the title of Paul Fairman's original story was "The Cosmic Frame." Although the news item ...
    68-70 mins.

  10. Jet Job ( 1952)
    63 mins.

  11. Let's Make Love ( 1960)
    Color (DeLuxe)
    A billionaire falls in love with a Broadway musical showgirl after he finds out the musical being put on is about his own life.
    118-119 mins.

  12. Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! ( 1959)
    Color (DeLuxe)
    A conventional couple living in the suburbs find their marriage strained when a temptress threatens their Rockwellian picture.
    106 mins.

  13. Ride the High Iron ( 1957)
    73 or 75 mins.

  14. See Here, Private Hargrove ( 1944)
    Black and White
    A green recruit has a series of madcap adventures in the Army.
    100-101 mins.

  15. Strange Bedfellows ( 1965)
    Color (Technicolor)
    In London, stuffy statesman Carter Harrison meets Toni, a Bohemian artist with a hot Italian temper. Once again, divorce proceedings are on, until Carter that an important promotion hinges on whether he's married. But can he keep her from destroying his career by posing as Lady Godiva in a protest movement?
    99 mins.

  16. Superman and the Mole-Men ( 1951)
    Black and White
    From 1941 to 1943, Paramount produced a series of animated cartoons featuring Superman, Lois Lane and other characters from the comics, and in 1948, Columbia produced a series of fifteen theatrical live-action Superman serials starring Kirk Allyn. There have been numerous animated Superman television series, including Superman, The New Adventures of Superman and Super Friends. released a series of four feature films beginning in 1978 with Superman, starring Christopher Reeve as "Superman," ...
    58 mins.

  17. The Barefoot Contessa ( 1954)
    Color (Technicolor)
    A Spanish dancer becomes an international star but still longs to get her feet in the dirt.
    128 mins.

  18. The Carpetbaggers ( 1964)
    Color (Technicolor)
    A young tycoon takes Hollywood by storm to quench his thirst for power.
    150 mins.

  19. The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit ( 1956)
    Color (DeLuxe)
    A man returns home after World War II and finds it tough to support his wife and child. He gets a job at a large company and starts to rise to the top, but the conflict of being a family-man and a money-making businessman starts to grow at odds within him.
    152-153 mins.

  20. The Man Who Had Power Over Women ( 1970)
    Color (Eastmancolor)
    89 mins.

  21. The Mark ( 1961)
    Black and White
    AA-Best Actor - 1961 - Stuart Whitman This is the story of a 33 year old man, Jim Fuller, released from prison after serving a three year term for intent to commit child molestation. Fuller is assisted by the prison psychiatrist in obtaining a position. The reporter begins to follow him and reports that Fuller spent time alone with the daughter of his girl friend.
    127 mins.

  22. The Master Plan ( 1955)
    78 mins.

  23. The Secret Life of an American Wife ( 1968)
    Color (DeLuxe)
    An insecure housewife has an affair with a well-known cinema actor, in order to prove to her husband that she's still a desireable woman.
    92 mins.
    "Comedy", "New York City", "Public relations", "Prostitutes", "Suburban life", "Infidelity", "Marriage", "Hotels", "Housewives", "Actors and actresses", "",

  24. Top of the World ( 1955)
    When he''s transferred to Alaska, a brash pilot tries to stop his ex-wife from remarrying.
    90 mins.

  25. Unidentified Flying Objects ( 1956)
    Interviews and documentary footage combine with the fictional story of an air-force pilot who encounters aliens.
    91-92 mins.

  26. Big City Boys ( 1978)
    The story of Harry Buckman, a public relations man and a disorganized free spirit who shuns ...
    30 mins

  27. Carry On, Admiral ( 1957)
    Black and White
    Two friends get drunk and decide to switch identities. One is a public relations executive and the other is a captain of a ship. His lack of sea knowledge causes several catastrophes.
    81 mins.

  28. Edward and Sophie: The Making of a Royal Marriage ( 1999)
    Documentary that explores the relationship of the Queen Elizabeth's youngest son, Prince Edward, and Public Relations executive Sophie Rhys-Jones. The program analyzes the different backgrounds, childhoods, and early adult lives of the couple, and gives details of royal preparations for their wedding

  29. Flor De Piel( 1990)
    A public relations rep is hired by a women's commission to produce a documentary commemorating the commission's 10th anniversary.
    75 mins.

  30. Great Health Care Debate With Bill Moyers, The ( 1994)
    Bill Moyers and a team of media and political experts analyze how various media and public relations practices have affected attempts at American health care reform.
    60 mins

  31. Hard to Handle ( 1933)
    (from IMDB:) Small time con artist Lefty Merrill has co-organized a crooked dance marathon and set-up his girlfriend to win the prize money. When his partner disappears with money before the contest is over, he's forced to come up with a series of cons to help pay it back. Written by Col Needham {}(the following is from TCM:) A hustling public relations man promotes a series of fads. 71 or 76 mins.

  32. Jesus of Montreal ( 1990)
    A young actor returns to Montreal and achieves notoriety when he stars in a modernized version of the Passion play. However, problems arise as he attempts to deal with the press and the world of public relations.
    120 mins.

  33. Julie and the Cadillacs ( 1997)
    It's 1964 in Liverpool, England and Julie Carr is spotted performing at a club with her backing band, the Cadillacs. The group is invited to come to London and cut a single, but the public relations people and record executives mis-market the band and their single flops. Taking time off from music, Julie finally regroups and the band plans a come-back, beginning with a well-received appearance on television. 106 mins.

  34. The Karen Valentine Show ( 1973)
    The story of Karen Scott, a beautiful Girl Friday to Buddy Loudon, a zany public relations dynamo who handles clients nobody else wants. In the pilot episode, Karen seeks a way to make a team of dull comic strip writers interesting.
    30 mins

  35. Made on Broadway ( 1933)
    A public relations man tries to keep the mayor out of trouble.
    65, 68 or 70 mins.
    "Comedy-drama", "Crime", "Drama", "Judges", "Jealousy", "Gigolos", "Ocean liners", "Letters", "Police inspectors", "Lawyers", "Speakeasies", "Trials", "Rescues", "Politicians", "Reporters", "Publicists", "Transformation", "New York City", "Ex-spouses", "Murder", "Bail bondsmen", "Attempted suicide", "Blackmail", "",

  36. Mob War ( 1989)
    A battle between a New York underworld czar and a high-power public relations wiz.

  37. Morning After, The ( 1974)
    Dick Van Dyke made his TV dramatic debut in this drama about a successful public relations writer whose refusal to admit that he is an alcoholic causes him to lose his self-respect, his career, his family and very nearly his life. Van Dyke's performance earned him an Emmy nomination.

  38. Mutant Aliens ( 2002)
    Astronaut Earl Jensen is blasted into space on a routine mission, which is sabotaged by the evil Dr. Frubar, a space program bigwig who plans to twist Earl's "accident" into a public relations grist for an outlandishly costly new spacecraft initiative benefiting greedy advertiser cronies.

  39. Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land: U.S. Media and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict ( 2005)
    Exposes how the foreign policy interests of American political elites--working in combination with Israeli public relations strategies--exercise a powerful influence over news reporting about the Middle East conflict.
    80 mins.

  40. Random Encounter ( 1998)
    Dead set on advancing her career, a young public relations executive suddenly finds herself involved in the murder of her biggest client.
    1 2