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Anti-war Resolution in College Council:

At the Columbia College Council meeting of Oct. 11, 2002, a resolution was offered for consideration, dealing with the issues of a U.S. preemptive attack on Iraq, the conduct of the Bush administration's "war on terrorism," and the abridgement of civil liberties in this climate of "perpetual war."

The wording of the resolution as passed by College Council is as follows:

Central to the Columbia College Mission Statement is our intent to "shape the public's perceptions of issues and events." At this moment in history, perhaps the most urgent issues before us are the debate over a U.S. preemptive attack on Iraq, the conduct of the administration's " war on terrorism," and the abridgment of civil liberties in this climate of "perpetual war." How will we respond?

Whereas, the Bush administration has presented no credible evidence that Iraq has intentions of harming the citizens of this country or that Iraq presents a threat to the United States, and

Whereas, the Bush administration is seeking to overthrow the government of a sovereign nation, in violation of international law, subverting the role of the United Nations, thereby setting a dangerous precedent in international relations as well as set-off tensions all over the world, and

Whereas,, a war upon Iraq would require the re-direction of vital resources and public funds to a destructive, senseless, and illegal goal while further strengthening an administration that has abridged the civil liberties of its citizens, and

Whereas,, this administration is using the so-called "War on Terrorism" to distract the American people from the vital issues they confront, and

Whereas,, non-military alternative options are still available to resolve the issues at stake, including working through the United Nations and we urge the Bush Administration to do so,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Columbia College Council comprised of faculty, administrators, staff and students goes on record as strenuously opposing the Bush administration's march toward war upon Iraq, and

As opposed to conducting a war against terrorism portrayed as an apocalyptic struggle between the forces of good and evil, with the U.S. sitting in judgment as self-declared leader of the  "civilized" world, and

As opposed to the abridgment of civil liberties in the name of a false security, and

As opposed to the Bush Administration stifling of voices of dissent by characterizing alternative and divergent views as unpatriotic and un-American,

And be it further resolved that the College Council urges all members of the Columbia community to give life to the college's mission by engaging in acts of civic engagement and responsibility to shape the public's perceptions of issues and events relating to this resolution.