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Web Search & Useful Sites

LEO – Literacy Education Online – was written by Sharon Cogdill and Judith Kilborn for the Write Place at St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and includes a variety of useful resources, including an alphabetical catalog of subjects they cover.

Purdue University Online Writing Lab is a terrific resource for a writer-in-training (and aren't we all?). The OWL is designed to offer distance learning for the Purdue community as well as other Internet users. Their primary goal is to help writers improve their writing skills by offering them a variety of online services and materials and an introduction to searching for information on the Internet. They also hope that this project will help to develop future innovative uses of the Internet for distance learning and writing instruction.

Additional Writing-Related Resources of all kinds are available at the Purdue site.

The Kirk Hallahan home page at Colorado State University is another good site for PR resources. Follow his links to the Publicity Primer for example, or to his Short Style Guide, or his Course Resources, a collection of PR links which far excels the few selections on the web page you're now reading.

Public Relations: An Overview is a good outline of what PR is, what PR does, the elements of PR, etc. -- provided by the Public Relations Society of America.

PSA Research is an online information library dedicated to public service advertising, hosted by Goodwill Communications. It includes PSA News articles, monographs, evaluation tips, media placement techniques, and case studies.

Samples of PSAs are available online from a growing list of agencies, including the National Crime Prevention Council On-Line Resource Center. Increasingly, non-profits are using the Web to post not only PSA scripts, but audio and video versions for downloading. More samples of PSAs are available from RadioSpace, "a radio broadcasting agency that provides news and programming services to radio stations and organizations." See for yourself.

Patron Saint Productions, Inc. "is a publishing consultancy specializing in online marketing strategies, campaigns, and training," founded by Steve O'Keefe, who wrote Publicity on the Internet (Wiley, 1996) and the updated new release, Complete Guide to Internet Publicity (Wiley, 2002).

PR Ethics: an essay from the Public Relations Society of America on ethics in public relations.

"Ethics in the Field of Public Relations," a student essay on the same subject.

A number of reference works are available at the Bartleby link.

Fowler's The King's English -- This is the complete text of the 1908 2nd edition of another classic, The King's English, by H.W. Fowler -- a delightful read, also embellished with hyperlinks.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations -- This is the complete text of the 1901 9th edition, which is searchable by author or by key words in the collected quotations. Like the previous two listings (Strunk and Fowler) it is of course somewhat dated -- but the price is right, and all the information is fascinating and useful.

InfoScavenger is a commercial PR newsletter, but its opening web page has some good tips on writing press releases, etc. Sites like this provide an eye-opening doorway to the PR industry.