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Final Portfolio

For your information when deciding whether to take this course:

This is a list of what the final portfolio usually consists of, at the conclusion of this PR Writing course (whether in class or online). The elements are completed as assignments during the lessons, over the semester, and are rewritten to be turned in during the final week.
    • Media Alert for "From the Heart"

    • Press Release and Message Planner for "From the Heart"

    • Press release and Message Planner for "Evita"

    • Product Release and Message Planner for "Natgo"

    • Feature Release and Message Planner for "Natgo"

    • Press release and Message Planner for Haddaway

    • Press release and Message Planner from your Final Exam

    • 30-second PSA and a Broadcast Release for "From the Heart"

    • Script Treatment and Working Script (VNR assignment)

    • Confirmation Letter and Pitch Letter for "Haddaway"

Your final portfolio must be professionally presented, in hard copy (not online attachments), in a form suitable for delivery to an editor. Do not, however, spend your hard-earned money on a fancy portfolio presentation book. It is perfectly acceptable for me to receive your work in one of the transmittal envelopes available in the Marketing Communication Office. I am evaluating the professional look of each item, not the overall presentation of your portfolio. Also, be sure to keep your own copies of your work, as final portfolios are used for assessment purposes, to help improve this class from year to year, and thus are notreturned to students