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PR Writing - Lesson 1

Welcome to PR Writing -- We're going to have a good time this semester! PR writing writing to persuade and inform is at the heart of the marketing communication culture that defines our age. Whether your interests lead you toward the arts, or politics and social causes, or sports, or individual entrepreneurship every contemporary arena is dominated by the language and culture of marketing communication.

  1. Expect to spend at least five hours each week on this course. That's less time than the in-class students put in, counting both class time and assignments.
  2. Expect to do all your work online.
  3. Don't fall behind... it's not that hard to keep up, but very hard to catch up.

You can skim through Getting Started (click on the link at left). Eventually you will make use of all those links (in the blue-gray navigation bar). But your first priority is to start writing, and you can leave those other details for later.

But don't skip the lesson material, on the white pages that follow below. Your first few days will be the busiest, as you absorb the information I've provided. And my comments on your writing will refer you back to points I've made in the lessons.

Let's get started on Lesson One.

Alton Miller