Public Relations Writing: Lesson #6 - p. 6

Broadcast writing assignment

Write a PSA and a broadcast release on the "From the Heart" food drive. It should "Begin" on Jan. 14 and "End" on Jan. 21.

Use your Message Planner -- and your own creativity -- to come up with an effective punchy message for your PSA, and a newsworthy approach to your broadcast release.

Your assignment is to write a 30-second PSA, to get donations to the food drive ... and a broadcast release to get publicity for the Westland College Student Association.

    name the file PRW-yourlastname-PSA

    In the "Subject:" field put PRW-yourlastname-PSA

Follow the formats for these items as they appear on the previous page. Format is just as important in writing for broadcast editors as it is for print editors. The same principles apply. Notice that for both the PSA and the broadcast release, the one thing they have in common is the use of a Begin/End date -- instead of "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" -- in the upper right corner of your work.

Use this opportunity to revise and improve your message planner for "From the Heart." This was the first release you wrote, and it will most likely be very undeveloped, compared to what you now know about how a message planner should look, right?

Alton Miller

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