PR Writing - Lesson 3

      By now I am reading and reviewing your first two assignments -- "Westland" and "Evita". While waiting for my individual notes on your first draft, you should click here to receive collective feedback (given to the whole class at the same time) -- though I may repeat myself when it comes to your individual release, be sure to keep this collective feedback handy in case I refer to it.

      You will rewrite every press release during this course -- good PR writing is a matter of PRE-writing, Writing, and RE-writing. But don't do your rewrite yet, until you've done several other releases, so you get the hang of it before wasting your time on a rewrite that is not fully informed. When you do a new draft you always rename it with a new draft number -- that means that a rewrite of PRW-yourname-Westland" will be called "PRW-yourname-Westland-2" (don't leave out the hyphen).

      Pay special attention to this lesson's Press Release Checklist. Using this as a guide to good PR Writing will enable you to edit your own work -- before your boss or client gets a look at it.

      Also: Write Out Loud -- This is another "secret" of PR Writing (or any writing). You will catch most grammatical errors, and improve the flow of your language, if you read your draft out loud as a final check for clarity and coherency in your message.

      You're probably ready to roll on Lesson Three . If you have not completed the previous work, go back to Lesson Two and finish that work, before proceeding.

Keep up the good work,

Alton Miller