Public Relations Writing: Lesson #2 - p. 4

Planning your Press Release (continued)

Your press release needs to be planned. You need to be sure that you've developed your message and delivered it effectively. To help you do that we have invented the Message Planner.

The Message Planner is a form for you to follow as you do your pre-writing on your press release. Pre-writing is the process of getting your act together before you write the first draft of your press release. Different writers work differently, but this method will help you apply the lessons of this course to any kind of writing you do -- especially writing on subjects you don't know much about and could care less.

By clicking on any Message Planner link in these lessons you will open a Message Planner in a separate browser window which you can use in your PR planning. (Note that once you're on that page, you can download a complete printable copy of the Message Planner.) But for purposes of this course -- and in "real life" -- you can do just as well with a plain vanilla message planner -- you don't need to use the form. Go on to the next page to see what I mean.

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