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PR Writing - Lesson 1

Welcome to PR Writing -- where you are going to learn communications skills that will be a tremendous asset for you, wherever the Information Age takes you. As we proceed, I'll try to answer your questions quickly by email, but we are on a fast track and I won't be able to do private tutoring on any scale. So remember three points:

  1. Expect to spend at least five hours each week on this course. That's less time than the in-class students put in, counting both class time and assignments.
  2. Expect to do all your work online.
  3. Don't fall behind... it's not that hard to keep up, but very hard to catch up.

You can skim through Getting Started (click on the link at left). You will benefit from this information but your first priority is to start writing.

But don't skip the lesson material. Your first few days will be the busiest, as you absorb the information I've provided. And my comments on your writing will refer you back to points I've made in the lessons.

Let's get started on Lesson One.

Alton Miller