Final Portfolio & Final Exam

Your Final Portfolio is due midnight on July 17
Please be sure to give special attention to a powerful message in your lead paragraph for each release, which should include the 5 W's, and should make clear why your story is newsworthy & interesting. Double check each release against the information on the page, Evaluating Press Releases and the Press Release Checklist

Final Portfolio

    (Your Final Portfolio is actually just a collection of your last best work on the final draft of each assignment. I do not want you to spend your hard-earned money on a fancy portfolio presentation book. If, however, you're interested in what a good portfolio should look like, take a look at this page on Resumes, Portfolios and Cover Letters from Texas Tech University.)

    • Media Alert for "From the Heart"
    • Press Release and Message Planner for "From the Heart" (Westland)
    • Press release and Message Planner for "Evita"
    • Product Release and Message Planner for "Product" (Natgo)
    • Feature Release and Message Planner for "Feature" (Lowden Park)
    • Press release and Message Planner for "Midterm" (Haddaway)
    • 30-second PSA and a Broadcast Release ("PSA") with Message Planner
    • Script Treatment and Working Script ("VNR") with Message Planner
    • Confirmation Letter and Pitch Letter ("Pitch") with Message Planner
    • (Final Exam Press release and Message Planner - see below)

Final Thoughts

* Some students who turned in late assignments may not have received comments and edits. If you're that student, it's not too late to take advantage of my good nature , and send me whatever you want me to edit.

Also, if you're satisfied with your grade on any assignment, for example if you got a "C" and do not care to improve it, you may skip the rewrite. I realize that many of my students are not PR majors, and you may choose to stick with the "C" rather than chase an "A". However, if you earned a "D" or "F" on your first draft, I would suggest making the effort to improve that grade.

Be sure to read the Naming Files instructions.

Keep up the good work,

Alton Miller