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Useful sites for Political & Government PR

    This page is always being revised and may contain some outdated information. Most recent links are the list immediately following:
Rock The Vote
Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall
Project Vote Smart - A Voter's Self Defense System
Public Agenda Online
Voting and Registration Data (U.S. Census Bureau)
Voter Information Services (VIS)
FECInfo Home Page
PewResearchCenter - Media News

Yahoo's directory is always a good place to find current sites of interest on a range of subjects. From this link you can branch out to other choices: Elections, Foreign Policy, Humor, Interest Groups, News & Media Organizations, Issues, Political Opinion, Web Directories, etc.

Project Vote Smart is self-described as a one-stop shop for political information on the World Wide Web. In addition to extensive information on political candidates and officials, they also collect data such as the text of state ballot measures, voter registration information, federal and state government information, and educational resources.

Illinois Media links -- Broadcast and print media outlets across the state. Here are some unsorted current links:

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