Public Relations Writing: Lesson #4 - p. 6

Assignment: Product Release

For this assignment you will try your hand at a product release.

Earlier we discussed a Natgo product release -- and now we'll give it a shot. Without copying my example from that page, please write a product release for release in the Chicago market, for a product that will be released nationally.)

All the information you will need – and more – can be found at the Natgo information link. Keep in mind the Objective (What do you want people to do?) and the 5 W's. If production is scheduled to begin by October, what does that do to your "When"? If you're writing a release for Chicago distribution, for a national product, what does that do to your "Where"?

Remember, Timeliness and Proximity are so important that you probably won't even make the cut unless your story is both timely and local.
Lesson Four question: If you are writing a release about a product made elsewhere which will be released nationwide next month, how can you make sure the release begins with a local reference? Give it some thought, and then go to the Student Conference Area and post your response.

Prepare the Message Planner, then write a good product release to announce this new product that's coming on line, and send it to me by the deadline posted on the "Assignments" page. Take the time (in your pre-writing; that is, with your Message Planner), to organize your thoughts, because there are many different items of information, and while some may be very important to the people of Turtle Bay, others will be more interesting to Chicago readers. Not every fact belongs in every press release. And please -- use the Press Release Checklist to edit your work before you turn it in to me.... otherwise I'll simply email it back and ask you to make the obvious corrections, so I can concentrate on your creative development.

    name the file PRW-yourlastname-product

    In the "Subject:" field put PRW-yourlastname-product