Public Relations Writing: Lesson #4 - p. 1

Different Types of Press Release (Review)

In the last lesson you learned about different types of press release. I gave you a page of description of the different types of release that you may be called upon to write, at Lesson 3, page 7.

To review, the different types of release include:

  • The Announcement Release, including the product release, which is a special type of announcement release. It qualifies as an announcement release because you are able to control the release date (unlike several of the following different types of release), but as you will see, it is significantly different in one respect.

  • The Financial Release, usually written by lawyers, to comply with SEC and other regulations. Misstatements can land executives in jail, so we won't be messing with these technical releases.

  • The Spot News release, written to shape breaking news.

  • The Response (or Reaction) Release, when a competitor or adversary has attacked you. Common in political PR.

  • The Bad-News Release, when you need to get your version of the whole story out.

  • The Feature Release, soft news that still has to be newsy, but not urgent.

  • The Fact Sheet, which is a kind of non-narrative press release.

  • Column notes, letters, guest columns, and similar vehicles to send your message: Letters to the editor ... op eds ... notes to columnists... reader exchanges ... recipes ... sports section notes, etc.

  • Just plain notes and emails, written to journalists with whom you have cultivated chatty relationships, pitching an idea for news coverage.

This lesson concentrates on the Product Release... which is one of the announcement releases (see the first bullet on this page?) but of a very special kind.

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