Public Relations Writing: Lesson #2 - p. 9

The Lesson Two assignment...
in two parts, both on Sunday -- to write a press release -- with Message Planner -- on the production of "Evita", the rock opera, at the Hale Hall Drama Center....

    For full information required for this release, click here on Evita

    the second part, same deadline, is to prepare a Media Alert for distribution on Feb. 20, in advance of the Feb. 25 press conference scheduled for 11am on Feb. 25 at the Anodyne Shelter.

    Note that I've updated here and there (e.g. from Jan. to Feb.) If I've missed one here or there, use whatever seems most logical.

Click here for the assignments portal. If for any reason Moodle does not deliver you to where you need to be, here are use these alternative instructions (email) for submitting your assignment:

Put all the elements into one Microsoft Word file (not separate files): Start with the Message Planner, then on a new page begin the press release, and finally the media alert.

    name the file PRW-yourlastname-Evita

    Then email it to me at the address below.

Click on the links in this paragraph to read full details on the format I expect for a press release and media alert.

Keep up the good work!

Alton Miller

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