Public Relations Writing: Lesson #2 - p. 2

Planning your Message and Pre-writing your release (continued)

Your press release needs to be planned. To help you do that we have invented the Message Planner.

The Message Planner is a fill-in-the-blanks invention to help you focus on the story you're trying to write.

There are two versions of the Message Planner: Check out these two links:

  • the original, a one-page form you can use in the field, interviewing or researching.

  • the digital version, for computer work --you'll use that one when turning in writing assignments.

Based on what you know at this point, what would make a good message for the "Evita" announcement release -- this week's assignment? Give that question some thought -- and use the message planner to help keep you focused -- then send me a 30-second sound bite (time it with a timer or second hand) that conveys the essential information to persuade someone to buy tickets a.s.a.p.

Send me an email with that paragraph. I'm using this exercise to "take attendance," but I also want to test your ability to put together a phrase that gets to the core of the story.

Don't forget to put "PRW" in the subject line of every email.

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