Final Portfolio & Final Exam

Scroll down to see what you need in your portfolio.

Your Final Portfolio is due midnight on Sun., May 13
Please be sure to give special attention to a powerful message in your lead paragraph for each release, which should include the 5 W's, and should make clear why your story is newsworthy & interesting. Double check each release against the information on the page, Evaluating Press Releases and the Press Release Checklist

Okay! Here's how to best organize the time remaining in this semester. It's not going to be complicated. Just follow the numbers, day by day:

  1. First, get your assignments together. If you haven't done this yet, hurry up. You should have nine assignments (counting PSA and Broadcast release as one, and Pitch & Confirmation letter as one). To see the entire Portfolio list of nine assignments (below), click here on: "Portfolio"
  2. Next, review your grades. You can always tell your grade on any assignment by looking at my addition to your filename: If I send you back my edits in a document named PRW-Jones-Evita-C, that means your name is Jones , and you got a C on that most recent draft

  3. Next, ask yourself which grades do you want to improve? you should be using my edits to guide your rewrites.

  4. On Friday, Saturday or Sunday of next week -- YOU pick the date -- May 11-12-13, set aside three hours to do your final exam -- same format as the midterm.

  5. On Thursday of next week (May 10) I will email you the link to the Final Exam page. That link will take you to the final exam information. Do NOT click the yellow link until you are ready to start the clock on your three-hour time limit.

  6. At the time you've chosen (on Friday, Saturday or Sunday), open my email and begin your Final Exam assignment there.

  7. Immediately after you've completed the timed exam assignment, email it to me within the three-hour deadline.

  8. Remember, you are able to navigate to the "Start" Page and you will benefit from the hints and suggestions I've posted there -- but don't touch the "radioactive" yellow start button until you've set aside three hours and you're ready to complete the exam.

  9. Meanwhile, by midnight Sunday, May 13 you will send me your final portfolio, with all your final drafts, which will have its own delivery instructions (except the final exam.)

  10. During the following week (beginning May 14) I'll be reading your final exam drafts and editing and calculating your final grade.

Here are the assignments to include in your Final Portfolio
(Click on each link for assignment information)

Final Portfolio

    (Your Final Portfolio is actually just a collection of your last best work on the final draft of each assignment. I do not want you to spend your hard-earned money on a fancy portfolio presentation book. If, however, you're interested in what a good portfolio should look like, take a look at this page on Resumes, Portfolios and Cover Letters from Texas Tech University.)

    1. Media Alert for "From the Heart"
    2. Press Release and Message Planner for "From the Heart" (Westland)
    3. Press release and Message Planner for "Evita"
    4. Product Release and Message Planner for "Product" (Natgo)
    5. Feature Release and Message Planner for "Feature" (Lowden Park)
    6. Press release and Message Planner for "Midterm" (Haddaway)
    7. 30-second PSA and a Broadcast Release ("PSA") with Message Planner
    8. Script Treatment and Working Script ("VNR") with Message Planner
    9. Confirmation Letter and Pitch Letter ("Pitch") with Message Planner
    10. (Your Final Exam Press release with Message Planner are not included in your final portfolio because you are going to email me that final assignment as soon as you complete it.)

Final Thoughts

* Some students who turned in late assignments may not have received comments and edits. If you're that student, it's not too late to take advantage of my good nature , and send me whatever you want me to edit.

Also, if you're satisfied with your grade on any assignment, for example if you got a "C" and do not care to improve it, you may skip the rewrite. I realize that many of my students are not PR majors, and you may choose to stick with the "C" rather than chase an "A". However, if you earned a "D" or "F" on your first draft, I would suggest making the effort to improve that grade.

Be sure to read the Naming Files instructions. But remember that you will submit your final exam in Moodle (instructions to follow).

Keep up the good work,

Alton Miller.