Public Relations Writing: Lesson #14 - p. 2

PR Campaigns (continued)

Before you can plan your campaign, you need a campaign message or theme. One of America's foremost experts on PR campaign communication, John Davies, makes the point that every campaign starts with a message that is Clear, Powerful and Passionate:

  • Clear, because people are not paying attention to you... you need to break through the clutter.
  • Powerful, because once you have their attention, you have a very brief window of opportunity to make your point.
  • Passionate, because people respond strongly to heartfelt personal connections rather than abstract ideas.

Often your overall campaign theme will be handed to you, and you will be expected to conform to it. In a political campaign it might be developed by the candidate and his or her inner circle of advisers. In the corporate and non-profit world it might be developed by a marketing consultant, or the CEO and the board. Whether or not you are a key player in the development of your theme -- and successful PR executives always are -- it is important that you are in sync with the entire marketing team. Thus you will need to align your PR activities with the overall theme.

Often, however, you'll be the one developing the theme. There are several steps to the process of developing your theme.

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