Public Relations Writing: Lesson #13 - p. 5

Links to subjects for this week's lesson

    Go to these links to learn more about specific elements of "PR Writing and the Web" This information is an integral part of this week's lesson, and you should be prepared to put these resources to use.

    Perhaps you already have a blog, and of course you know people who do. For all I know, you're already in business for yourself, flying high on the wings that blogging has provided the information industry. Here's a link about PR blogging that you will find helpful.

    Writing for the Web is not the same as writing for print or broadcast media. As you know, because you use the Web yourself, online readers behave differently from those paging through a newspaper, or those viewing TV news. Here's a useful link to information on online PR resources.

    Imagine that you have a new Web site or product to launch. You perhaps have some idea of how you'd proceed -- pretty much like any other PR project, right? Well, yes, except that PR for the Web entails some other specifics. The Internet is truly global. Here are a collection of Online Public Relations Thoughts from a writer who publishes "Daily entries on Public Relations and communications ideas and trends."

    Social media releases are being developed to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the media technologies we have come to take for granted. One example:

    And here's a presentation to shake you up. A virtual catalog of mistakes that the giddy enthusiast is likely to make when putting too much faith in the "magic" of social media: "How Not to Fail"

    There are a wealth of PR ideas online, at Google, or Yahoo, and other search engines.