Public Relations Writing: Lesson #13 - p. 1

PR Writing and the Internet

"PR Writing and the Web" involves four different areas of study

  • Writing for Internet sites
    • That is, publicizing your client using a Web site, as a supplement to print and broadcast media publicity; or writing for internal communications within a company. This is using the Internet as yet another medium.

  • Doing PR for Internet sites
    • That is, when your client has a Web site that needs to be publicized; your PR writing in this case may be for print or broadcast media, and not on the Internet... the Web site is more like the product you are publicizing.

  • Using the Internet for PR research
    • That is, using the Internet as one of your tools for gathering information (we'll be talking about this more next week when we discuss Research.)

  • New ways to deliver PR messages via the Internet
    • That is, taking advantage of the many opportunities of the Internet as a means of communication -- especially in the rapidly growing

Many of the key points about writing for the Internet also apply to PR writing in general. They will reinforce other points I want to make about your press release assignment work, which I'll be discussing with you individually.

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