Public Relations Writing: Lesson #1 - p. 4

The fact that you can read this makes you a winner in the international cross-country race that is held every day in the highly competitive information industry. Can you imagine if you had to learn English from scratch? -- where do you start with a language that takes the letters "ough" (which probably should be pronounced something like "ooga"), and makes five different sounds out of it:

... and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

But you have an advantage over the vast majority of the world's population -- you already have mastered the language of business, education, and the global information revolution. The information revolution is exploding with opportunities, and you're poised to make the most of them.

Especially if you're an effective writer. Most people aren't, and your ability to put your words into effective communications, target them, and deliver them, is going to give you another enormous advantage, wherever your career leads you.

It's a sad fact that the quality of writing has fallen among the generation now in high school and college. I believe kids are not writing well because they're not reading much. A generation ago, everyone read at least one newspaper -- it was hard to imagine starting the day without the paper spread open at the breakfast table. Today, when I ask for a show of hands, I find very few students say they read a newspaper regularly. I strongly believe that the "newspaper habit" -- even more than enjoyment of books and other reading -- is the indispensable element in sustaining a daily reading habit.

Bad news for our culture -- but good news for you! Because, as a powerful writer, you will tower head and shoulders over most of your peers.

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