Public Relations Writing: Lesson #1 - page 10

That's enough discussion of press releases for the moment. Now I want to see what level of expertise you're bringing into this course, by asking you to write a press release.

"Wait a minute!" I hear you saying... "I don't know how to write a press release." After all, that's what this course is supposed to be teaching, so how can I expect you to write a press release? Don't worry, I'm not going to grade this one. I just want to see your common-sense approach in wrestling with this assignment.

Your first press release assignment is to write a press release on "From the Heart" for distribution at the press conference on Jan. 25, using the details that were outlined beginning back on page four. Take the role of director of public relations for the Westland College Student Association. Do the best work you're capable of, and we'll take it from there. If you want to try a Message Planner, give it a go... or wait till next lesson.

Also, try your hand at a Media Alert... click on that link to find out more. This, too, is from Lesson Two, but it's a good exercise when you're trying to get a handle on what the real news value of the story is. In this case, you would distribute the Media Alert a few days before the Jan. 25 press conference, so you would send it out on Jan. 20, say (though that date wouldn't appear anywhere on the Media Alert.)

name the file PRW-yourlastname-PRHeart

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Keep up the good work,

Alton Miller

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