Public Relations Writing: Lesson #1 - page 6

PR writing is much more than writing press releases. As you read your text, you'll be introduced to a wide range of public relations writing -- and we'll cover most of those topics over the next fifteen weeks.

But the press release is the best platform for all other public relations writing, as you'll learn. And that's why we focus on getting you to write a good press release.

Who do we write for? When I ask students to consider some of the different publics that we write press releases for, I get a wide spread of answers -- "the media," your client or boss, newspaper readers, reporters, editors, employees or other interested parties, "myself" -- and a number of other good answers. But there's only one right answer to that question as far as I'm concerned. What do you think it is?

Go online to the Student Conference Area and post your response in the panel labeled "Who we write for" -- and feel free to respond to the ideas of other students who have posted their reponse. Your participation in the Student Conference Area is part of your grade.

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