@@ 26 november 2002 @@

1. buy nothing gift workshop (dec.6)
2. student forum on the homeland security act.
3. CSAWN report back.
4. events calendar!

Buy Nothing Day is this Friday. Wondering what to get for your friends and
relatives for the holidays? A book? A tie? A gift certificate?? Shopping for
your gifts is so 1998. Try something new and MAKE SOMETHING YOURSELF! How?
Come to our Buy Nothing Gift Workshop on Friday, December 6th. We will be
sharing ideas and providing raw materials for creating your unique holiday
gifts. Your mother will be so proud.

Friday December 6th : 11am-5pm
1104 s. wabash (columbia college)
basement or possibly in the first floor lounge.

bring an idea or two, bring a friend, it's time to get like martha stewart
(only lets use some recycled materials and maybe avoid insider trading).
here's some of what to expect:

* recipe potluck--bring a recipe for something that one could use as a gift.
at the end of the workshop, we will photocopy all the contributions and
handout a recipe zine.

* recording & musical equipment to make your own holiday folk album.

* japanese lunch sacks/hobo sacks, + fabric and a sewing machine to use.

* 19th century-style black paper silhouettes

ALSO! This friday (nov.29, 2pm) there will be a disco dancin' party on
Michigan Ave.


Meet at Chicago & Michigan (near watertower place) at 2pm to cause a ruckus
and get people dancing instead of buying. The drums will be in full effect,
plus a boombox and maybe some freestyle rhymes...

< http://www.adbusters.org/campaigns/bnd >
< http://www.buynothingchristmas.org >

Student Forum on the Homeland Security Act

Erin Robinson from the Black Student Union at columbia has contacted
ontheground concerning a possible student forum on the recently enacted
Homeland Security Act (http://www.whitehouse.gov/deptofhomeland/analysis).
This constriction on privacy and civil liberties is a threat to every person
in the US. It seems essential that we as students assemble to learn about
the implications of this act and how it effects us all. Hopefully we can
organize a panel of credible speakers and assemble the students of columbia
to discuss the state of affairs happening internally in our country. If you
are part of a student organization, please email Erin to get involved: <
erinrobinson33@yahoo.com >. updates on this future event will be posted on
our newsletters and on the website:
< http://ontheground.okcancel.org >

more information on the homeland security act and it's consequences:
# http://dc.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=39795
# http://geocities.com/totalinformationawareness
# know your rights! http://www.nlg.org/post911/legal/KYR/rightsinfo.htm

Report back from the CSAWN (Chicagoland Student Anti-War Network) meeting:
so nolan "lee roy" noska has volunteered his friday afternoons to attending
the CSAWN meetings from 4-6pm. here is a summary of what was discussed at
the last meeting:

+ there will be an anti-war conference held in chicago by CSAWN either on
january 11-12 or sometime in february. from the csawn listserv:
"At the last CSAWN meeting we discussed and voted to host a national antiwar
conference for campus and school based antiwar groups next semester.
As the war against Iraq grows imminent, a gathering of students to discuss,
strategize and coordinate our actions on a national level is a crucial next
step for the antiwar movement. Their side is organized. Ours needs to be as

+ ideas were shared on how to strategize publicity actions on the sanctions
in Iraq, such as tabling on campuses and having on display many of the items
that have been sanctioned.

+ through the collective efforts of many students participating in CSAWN, a
video database of documentaries has been organized for any student group
that has an interest in showing them at their respective schools.

NOTE: there will not be a CSAWN meeting this friday(dec.29). next meeting is
friday, december 6th at 4pm at UIC's Chicago Circle Center (CCC) 750 S.
Halsted, room 329.

___friday, november 29, 12noon___FUR FREE FRIDAY___
Daley Plaza (Washington and LaSalle)
"Every year some 40 million animals are killed by the fur industry. Chicago
is #2 in fur sales in the US and #1 per-capita fur ownership. As this new
century begins, people of conscience must speak out for those who cannot
speak for themselves." protest sponsored by the Animal Defense League.

___friday, november 29, 2pm___BUY NOTHING DANCE PARTY___
magnificent mile. meet at chicago & michigan ave.
!!STOP SHOPPING, START DANCING!! (more info above)

___sunday, december 01, 1pm___WORLD AIDS DAY MARCH___
meet at the corner of western & division at 1pm sharp.

___sunday, december 01, 6pm___ONTHEGROND MEETING___
at the house of raw sugar: 2108 n. whipple (logan square)
agenda: buynothingday gift workshop, csawn anti-war confrence in january,
iraq sanctions publicity, video presentations.
email ontheground@okcancel.org for directions or call 312/410.8131

___friday, december 06, 11am-5pm___BUY NOTHING GIFT WORKSHOP___
1104 s. wabash, 1st floor lounge or basement. (more info above)

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