%% 19 november 2002 %%

1. march against the war on Iraq - nov.20
2. buy nothing, make something: how to avoid christmas commerce.
3. next ontheground meeting - nov.24
4. amnesty international, not in our name.

Chicagoland Student Anti-War Network
Wednesday, November 20, 2002

WHO: Everyone who oppose the war against Iraq!

GATHER 3:30pm State of Illinois Building (Thompson Center, corner of
Randolph and Clark in the Loop)

MARCH 4:30pm to Federal Plaza (Dearborn and Jackson)

BRING Your schools' antiwar banners and signs, noisemakers and drums,
puppets and flashlights.

SPONSORED BY The Chicagoland Student Anti-War Network (CSAWN). CSAWN is
composed of activists from a dozen schools around Chicago and we welcome new
student groups to our meetings: fridays at 4pm at the Agape House, 1046 W.
Polk. Write csawn@hotmail.com for more information.

BUY NOTHING DAY - friday, november 29th.
< http://www.adbusters.org/campaigns/bnd >
< http://www.buynothingchristmas.org >

at columbia, we are planning a 'buy nothing - make something'
event/workshop--a place where we can share ideas on building our own gifts
for the holidays. the date and location is still undecided. please come to
the meeting this sunday to help plan.

ONTHEGROUND MEETING - sunday, november 24th.
we will be gathering in hyde park at spencer's house to meet and work on
plans for Buy Nothing Day (nov.29) and for an event/workshop on making your
own gifts for christmas--alternatives to the typical merchandise onslaught
brought on by season.
bring ideas, a friend, and photos or video footage of the november 20th
protest if you have any. word!

(NOTE: i have yet to receive directions to spencer's house. this is his
address though: 5225 s. blackstone in hyde park. the best way to get there
is to take the #6 jeffery express bus. write spencerkingman@riseup.net for
more information or call 312/410.8131)

fyi: here are a couple groups that have started up at columbia in the past

Amnesty International of Columbia College
< http://www.geocities.com/amnestyofcolumbia >
email: amnestyofcolumbia@email.com

Columbia College Not In Our Name
email: ccnion@hotmail.com

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