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## 13 november 2002 ##

1. stormtroopers invade chicago.
2. soul vegetarian soiree this sunday!
3. chicagoland student anti-war network march (nov.20)
4. Iraq accepts UN resolution (nov.13)

if you weren't watching tv last thursday & friday (and if not, good for
you), or didn't happen to notice the newspaper articles, you missed the
ridiculously great coverage of the anti-TABD demonstrations. numbers for the
march on thursday was estimated at 1,000-2,000 people. video footage shot
from helicopters showed masses of people stretching down washington avenue
and curving onto michigan avenue. once we crossed the michigan ave bridge,
there was a cacophony of drum beats and a party in the street. there were
certainly no shortage of media cameras throughout the weekend, and when two
girls were arrested on friday while legally riding their bicycles, camera's
were there to catch the protesters passing a hat to collect bail money
immediately after the arrests. here's something i wrote after thursday's
* * * * * *
while riding home on the train tonight, rack of drums by my side, a man with
a large gray camera case struck up a conversation by telling me we made a
big impact with the music at the march. he is a documentary film maker from
scotland and was covering this demonstration in conjunction with the
anti-war march in dc a few weeks ago. he said he'd be there tomorrow
(friday) with two other camera people gathering footage. he talked a bit and
then i had to get off at my stop.

beyond the craziness of the "chicago on alert" media coverage [and as
dramatic as it may be, it's the best coverage of a protest i've seen i a
long time, better than a20 in dc (50,000? people) or wef in nyc (20,000
people)], and beyond the memories of all the people who attended today's
march, i feel like there are those out there (objective and subjective) who
are documenting these demonstrations around the world, creating records and
marking history. no matter how little it may feel like we changed--the
meeting still went on, the government will still cooperate with the TABD--we
took a stand and it has been documented. and all we (and everyone after us)
can do now is build upon that.
* * * * * *

this sunday! nov.17! join in a celebration of life and peace!
 203 e. 75th st.

ontheground hits the south-side!
we will be meeting downtown at 3:45pm in the 623 s. wabash lobby and
departing at 4:00pm. the restaurant is only a walk from the 79th st.
red-line stop (cta), on the corner of e. 75th & s. indiana.

for more information or questions, email or call
312/410.8131 (ontheground voicemail!).

latest news from the Chicagoland Student Anti-War Network:
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Greetings... Please join Chicagoland Student Anti-War Network (CSAWN) this
friday (even if you are not a student) as we prepare signs, chants, and any
other media for the following important event:

Thompson Center, (clark and randolph)

The art making event will take place this FRIDAY the 15th at Agape House,
1046 W. Polk (three blocks from the UIC-Halsted stop on the blue line).
weekly meeting starts at 4... the Art Make will begin afterwards at 5:45-
Supplies will be available, we'll also have nutrification, most likely in
pizza form. Please bring any supplies you may have. we will discuss the
demonstration, socialize and representatives from each school will compete
in an interpretative dance-off!!!

We welcome your ideas. Please come and support, check out what we are all
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

November 13, 2002 By Jeremy Scahill

BAGHDAD‹In a move that Iraqi media are characterizing as stripping the Bush
administration of its "international cover" for a future attack against
Iraq, the country's UN Ambassador Mohammed Al-Douri submitted a declaration
from Baghdad to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan saying Iraq accepts with "no
conditions" a Washington sponsored Security Council resolution.

"We hereby inform you that we will deal with resolution 1441, despite its
bad contents, if it is to be implemented according to the premeditated evil
of the parties of ill- intent, the important thing in this is trying to
spare our people from any harm," said the letter signed by Iraqi Foreign
Minister Naji Sabri. "But we will not forget, nor should others do, that
safeguarding our people¹s dignity, security, independence, and protecting
our country, its sovereignty and sublime values, is as a sacred duty in our
leadership¹s and governmentŒs agenda. Therefore, and as we said in the
foresaid agreement and press statement, we are prepared to receive the
inspectors, so that they can carry out their duties, and make sure that Iraq
had not developed weapons of mass destruction , during their absence since
[read the rest of the article at -- an
independent journalism news source from iraq.]
[another good independent news source:]


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