on_the_ground newsletter. 29 october 2002.

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1_sunday meetings.
3_SOA protest.
4_student organization status.
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a successful meeting, at last! the dinner gathering this past sunday went
well. here are some notes from the group dialogue:

*1 SUNDAY MEETINGS___ after weeks of failed weekday meetings, we will try
having regular meetings on Sunday's at different people's houses (those who
can volunteer the space). next weeks meeting, NOVEMBER 3rd, will be at
brea's house, 6pm. i don't currently have directions--please check the
website. or you can call the on_the_ground *phone number* to request
directions: 312/410.8131. this number is for anyone who needs information or
needs to get in touch with the group, but does not have immediate internet
access. it's voicemail, so leave your number.

things to bring to the next meeting: yourself; a friend; ideas for noTABD
theater, noise makers, etc; banner & sign ideas (for noTABD & in general);

*2 TABD___ the event has been cleverly renamed the TABM--trans-atlantic
business monologue. among our group, i feel there is a lack of basic
knowledge (including myself) of what the TABD is, what the meetings stand
for, and connections to our lives in the US. i will be posting some basic
facts and articles up on our website. here's a short excerpt from an article
in the International Trade Reporter:

  "He [William H. Lash III, assistant secretary of commerce for market
access and compliance] said that his meeting with TABD officials in
Copenhagen, Denmark, last month to finalize plans for the CEO-level
conference in  Chicago next month was productive (19 ITR 1594, 9/19/02).
  Lash said that, in Copenhagen and elsewhere, he has urged the TABD--set up
in 1995 to press governments to eliminate the  remaining regulatory and
other obstacles to trans-Atlantic trade and investment--to focus more
narrowly on furthering  recommendations that can be executed through
administrative action rather than through legislation.
  'My message to the TABD has been, 'Give us things that are concrete, that
the executive branches [in the United States and the  EU] can do,' he said.
'Something that requires legislation, this may not be the best forum to get
it through.'
  Lash said that the TABD meeting in Chicago next month will focus on five
issues: the continuing multilateral trade negotiations in  the World Trade
Organization, particularly the role of business in supporting capacity
building in developing countries; the  functioning of the so-called
networked economy ('taking a hard look at balancing privacy and security,
particularly after 9/11');  improving the operation of capital markets;
dispute management ('putting increased focus on the early warning system'
that was  set up several years ago to head off major trade disputes between
the United States and the EU; and regulatory policy."

i can also try to answer anyone's questions about the TABD or the events
happening in chicago to counteract the corporate monologue.

+++ autonomous actions - friday, nov.8th: if anyone is interested in getting
involved instreet theater performance, please get in touch. we already have
many interested and some great ideas, including a sinking TABD ship, a noise
orchestra, ceo golfers, and pet TVs on leaches.

< http://ontheground.okcancel.org/notabd >

*3 SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS PROTEST___ [nov.15-17, fort benning, georgia] i am
trying to organize a trip down to fort benning for the soa protest. it will
most likely be with other chicago students (uic, dupaul). please get in
touch with me (ontheground@okcancel.org) if you are interested. more
information to come...

*4 STUDENT ORGANIZATION STATUS___ ontheground is currently not a recognized
student organization in the books of columbia college. if we wish to
re-submit ourselves as a group (which i think we do), we need to fill out
some paperwork and commit to attending periodic meetings held by the student
council. a benefit would include include economic funding from the school.

*5 TABLING/FLYERING/etc___ brea, michelle, and i tabled monday to spread the
news about the TABD protest and actions. i will also be out again on
wednesday at 11:30am in either the 600 or the 624 s. michigan building.
please come out if you can help.
  there was interest expressed in making new flyers for the group to draw
attention and to provide information for those who may be interested in
getting involved in ontheground. anyone with design ideas should run with
them... we can provide coping resources for those who need them.
  etc--FREE BOX: something we can place in different columbia buildings,
containing flyers, pamphlets, anything that people can take and read, look
at, etc. BOOK EXCHANGE: an alternative to using the book$tore. used books
can be traded or sold through an independent means.


__thu 31 oct 7pm__ ERIC DROOKER, world renowned artist/activist will be in
town for a special slide-show/musical performance on Thursday 10/31,
Halloween.  eric drooker has a new book out, BLOOD SONG, which will be
available at the event, along with his previous book, FLOOD.
AUTONOUMOUS ZONE, 2129 n. milwaulkee.

__fri 01 nov 7pm__ NOAM CHOMSKY speaking at the Milwaukee Area Technical
College. i am pretty sure i will be driving up there to attend. it's $5.
contact me if you are interested in going--312/410.8131 or

__sun 03 nov 6pm__ ontheground meeting. brea's apartment (address tba).

__07/08/09 nov__ anti-TABD march / day of autonomous action / alternative
economic summit. chicago. < http://ontheground.okcancel.org/notabd >

__10 nov 1-4pm__ nonviolence training for School of the Americas protest.
Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ, 615 W. Wellington (south of
belmont, near clark).

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columbia college on the ground.