Columbia College Chicago September 25, 2002

[This is going out a few days later than it should have and it is kind of sloppy. I suppose that's partly because I have really, really ambivalent feelings about writing letters to statespeople. just like I have hugely ambivalent feelings about the UN and a lot of things. But now is not the time for that. We should be experimenting with all the powers and tactics at hand that offer even the faintest potential of pre-empting this war. The resolution on which congress will be voting would, if passed, give President Bush the theoretical legal power to attack any country in the Middle East at any time. To view the resolution visit www.epic-usa.org.--Spencer

and by the way, I will say it again, if anyone else would like to make and post newsletters for on the ground just email me at spencerkingman@riseup.net or you can send me things you write or find and I will post them.]



1. Phones, Faxes, Letters To Representatives

2. Announcements

3. British Labor Party Counter-Dossier On Iraqi Weapons Systems And The Iraqi 'Threat.'


1. Phones, Faxes, Letters To Representatives

"Congressional offices reported strong, even overwhelming, opposition to war. Recent calls and e-mails were 25-1 against war at Rep. Rob Simmons' office in eastern Connecticut, and 40-1 against in Rep. Christopher Shays' district. Other offices had similar results: Ten to one against in Rep. James H. Maloney's office, 4-1 from Rep. John Larson's Hartford area office and 14-1 at Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro's New Haven-based district. Rep. Nancy L. Johnson, R-6th District, reported that a slight majority who contacted her opposed going to war immediately. Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, D-Conn., found that calls and e-mails produced a majority against war. There was no evidence the anti-war calls and e-mails were orchestrated by any single group. The only difference was from the office of Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, D-Conn., a longtime advocate of taking action to topple Hussein: His office is finding its calls mixed."

                              --From the Hartford Courant, Sept. 24.

[I have heard that the story is the same in many other states. I have no information for illinois though--Spencer]

[The following is from a daily newsletter put out by Bill Thompson at the University of Michigan, wthomson@umich.edu]

I have been talking this past weekend with leaders in the anti-war movement, and the consensus is as follows:

  1. The President's War Resolution will come to the floor of Congress during the week of 9/30.
  2. If it comes to the floor for a vote, it will pass and we will go to war.
  3. Our best, and perhaps only chance to prevent this war is to create sufficient dissonance among uncommitted members of Congress THIS WEEK that they will realize that a vote for war will entail sufficient political cost that they will pause until after the elections to decide. If we can delay the process, time will be on our side.
  4. We can best do this by following the outline in Item 1 below. It is time to put our bodies on the line. What is required at this point is two to five constituents in each House and Senate district who are willing to sit in the local office of their representative, risking arrest, and refusing to leave until the House Member / Senator declares that they will vote against the war resolution in any form.
  5. Phone calls to Congress and the Security Council are important and should be continued, but alone they will not do the job.

The President:

    Phone: 202-456-1111

Illinois Senators:

    Senator Richard J. Senator Durbin
    [He's expressed reluctance to escalated military action, but may cave in the face of a vote.]
    DC Phone: 202-224-2152
    Local Phone: 217-492-4062

    Senator Peter G. Fitzgerald
    [He issued a statement on September 19 supporting a US invasion of Iraq.]
    DC Phone: 202-224-2854
    Local Phone: 217-492-5089


    Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121;
    Jan Schakowsky 847 328 3399;
    Blagojevich 773 868 3240

    Find them at:

And the so-called "leadership":

    Sen. Tom Daschle
    Phone: 202-224-2321

    Sen. Trent Lott
    phone: 202-224-6253

    Rep. Richard Gephardt
    phone: 202-225-2671

    Rep. Dennis Hastert
    phone: 202-225-2976

The idea will be to express our opinions and to so tie up their phones that it interferes with their work. Apparently the White House comment line was so bombarded Wednesday that it was extraordinarily difficult to get through. Call several times each day if possible. It is time to put our beliefs into action.


2. Announcements

[there are some corrections here from previous newsletters, so double check]

Thursday 9/26
5:15 pm
lobby of 33 E Congress building

THIS IS NOT THE WEEKLY MEETING TIME. We haven't been able to set one yet. This is sort of just a contact point for us so that we can start to untangle all our schedules and get something going. If you can come, come - it won't be a long meeting.

Monday 10/7
7:00 pm
Room 407 - 1104 S Wabash

A screening of Columbia College's own Suree Towfighnia's excellent new video
about NYC and the attacks of last year.

Wednesday 10/16
10:00AM to 6:00PM
Hokin Annex - 623 S Wabash

Discussions on four major topics: The "War on Terror", Domestic Repression, Palestine, and Iraq. For more info email last_angry_man@hotmail.com or visit http://pub38.ezboard.com/bccontheground

No time or place scheduled yet

Over the summer Brea and I have put together a very loose framework for an
experimental, collectively self-taught, free class on Palestinian history and
literature. If you would like to get in on this email either
breatree@care2.com or spencerkingman@riseup.net.

If you want to sit at a table that says "NO WAR IN IRAQ!" and talk to kids at any time during the week even for just an hour or two please send a message of your availability to Brea at ontheground@care2.com.

If you would like to hang up flyers in your building that say "NO WAR IN IRAQ!" your first option is to make some of your own. But if you don't want to do that I have left a stack of them in the ONTHEGROUND mailbox in room 313 of the 623 s wabash. Go pick them up at anytime. I also left leaflets for protests, and copies of the Iraqi pledge of resistance. ALSO feel free to LEAVE any materials that you make in this box for others to use.


3. British Labor Party Counter-Dossier On Iraqi Weapons Systems And The Iraqi 'Threat.'

Labor Party members who oppose Tony Blair on the war have released a "counter-dossier," written by Alan Simpson, MP, Chair of Labor Against War and Dr. Glen Rangwala, lecturer in politics at Cambridge University. If you want to understand the specifics about what weapons Iraq has or may have...



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CCC On The Ground September 25, 2002