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welcome back to academia...

1. ontheground now meets regularly downtown!
2. NION teach-in at columbia (feb.20)
3. Poetry Against the War
4. feb. 15: international day of protest against war on Iraq

ONTHEGROUND___official meeting time & location!

we will be meeting weekly--every wednesday at 5pm in the Plymouth dormitory
lounge. the address is 731 s. Plymouth court, one block west of State st.
and between Harrison & Polk. the closest CTA stop is the harrison red line.

our next meeting is wednesday february 12th (today!).

out agenda thus far is to work on plans for the NION teach-in and the poetry
& war open mic event (more info on both of those events below).

NION february 20th teach-in at columbia college.

John Stevenson has booked the Hokin Gallery for February 20th. I believe
he has it reserved from 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM. We want to have a teach-in
at this time. Some people (myself included) have expressed nervous
enthusiasm at moving away from bringing in the outside experts and
starting to teach these things ourselves: students, teachers, staff. The
information is out there, and the internet makes it immediately
available. We drew up a rough sketch for the outline of a teach-in.
These are the bases we want to cover:

-Why War? Why Iraq? Why Now?

-The history of Iraq and the US, 1991, the sanctions, continued bombings
and economic isolation, and the plans for the coming bombardment ("shock
and awe").

-The "War on Terrorism"; Confronting Empire; the Global situation;
strategies for resistance.

-Detentions and Roundups; Rollbacks on Civil rights.

We need volunteers to talk on some of these things. If you feel like you
want to do some research on the immigration situation or the history or
the warplans or anything, that would be very cool and you are free to
choose anything. What would be REALLY COOL though (and also because time
is short) is if we just talked about what the war means and why we
oppose it and what we can do and what is possible. We have each other,
and our collective wisdom. We have this forum to ask questions and
figure things out. Some inspiriational articles to get the brain working
may be found here...

Noam Chomsky
Arundhati Roy

These two were asked to speak at the World Social Forum in Brazil last
week on the topic of CONFRONTING EMPIRE. Below are some other resources
for research that I hope you will find highly useful.

my favorite. highly highly organized. if you want to learn about any
aspect of radical politics, this is a good place to poke around. There
are articles and there are study guides.

mostly progressive news. articles.

My other favorite. A news-sharing project that allows open posting and
has spawned local sites all over the globe. In a time of crisis (or
celebration), this has proven itself to be a very good way for people on
the ground with access to computers to tell what is really going on.


feb 12 National Day of Poetry Against the War
!ontheground day of creative arts against the war!

 * ChicagoPoetry.com will be sponsoring a POETS AGAINST THE WAR DAY reading
on Wed. Feb. 12 at 7 pm at The Launching Pad at 4541 N. Ravenswood and also
at 10 pm at Heartland Cafe (near the Morse red line stop).

 * ontheground is working on plans for an all-day event of creative
resistance against the war sometime in early march. the idea is based around
hosting an open mic for poetry and similar readings to take place in the
hokin annex in the late afternoon/evening. this event would be preceded by
all day street theater and art around columbia's campus.

  those interested in getting involved (we need lots of volunteers), please
contact emily at emily23@earthlink.net

___saturday, february 15, 12noon___anti-war protest___
2200 W. Devon, Chicago (Devon & Leavitt)
"February 15th is an international day of protest against war on Iraq, with
protests planned in New York and all the major capitals of Europe. It is
also just 6 days before the registration deadline for many Pakistanis in the
United States, the same registrations which led to the arrests of more than
1000 Iranians in Los Angeles a few weeks ago."

from matt:
below is some info on busses for Sat. email me if you have any questions
students for social justice (s4sj) is organizing a bus to transport
students, youth, and other friends of
the movement to the protest on Devon. The bus will leave from in front of
the Chicago Circle Center (CCC) at UIC at 10:45am SHARP! The CCC is located
at 750 S. Halsted St. Following the demonstration, from 2-5pm, is an
INDOOR student/youth speak-out and cultural event being sponsored by the
Southwest Youth Collaborative. The bus will depart for UIC around 4pm.
Round-trip transportation will cost each person $3. Pre-confirmation is
suggested to ensure that you get a seat. To obtain passage or to make
additional inquiries please contact Anna Maria via email at
ablackie2@yahoo.com. s4sj, in addition to being one of the primary
organizers and originators of this demonstration has also been invited to
put forward a speaker. Teek, from s4sj and Wright College, has volunteered
to do so.

There is also a bus being tentatively organized by students from the U of C
and this will be confirmed one way or the other tonight. For more
information contact Dan at dwlb@uchicago.edu.

A number of student and youth will be meeting prior to the demonstration at
Warren Park at 11:30am. Warren Park is located on Western Ave. and is one
block north of Devon. We will then march to the rally at 11:45am as a large
student/youth contigent, which can of course be continued during the march
itself. We are encouraging people to think of creative ways to show their
opposition to war and racism, where they come from (Hyde Park, Bucktown,
Evanston, etc), and who/what they represent (students/youth, s4sj, SWYC,
peace and justice for all!

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