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~~~ 05 january 2003 ~~~

1. urgent ontheground meeting - tue, jan 7th
     re: j18 march on washington
2. upcoming chicago events (bush is coming to town!)
3. "students for social justice" information.

{_1_} !urgent! ontheground meeting...

* tuesday, january 7th
* 5:30pm
* hokin annex, 623 s. wabash (1st floor)

- meeting for all columbia students interested in the jan18 march on
washington, dc. this meeting will outline the itinerary for our travels and
explain the course of events happening in dc on jan 18 & 19.

please, everyone should attend--whether you are interested or if you know
you will be coming. we need to get a clear estimate on how many people are
going with ontheground.

* note: if you want to come to dc but cannot attend this meeting, please
notify brea (ontheground@care2.com) and give her your information (name,
school id#, phone).

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> > > > > join other columbia college students in a huge national demonstration
against war in iraq: WASHINGTON DC - JANUARY 18 & 19, 2003 (beginning of
columbia's winter break)

we will be driving vans to dc on jan. 17 (around 5pm) and returning on jan.
20. if you wish to go and have not yet notified ontheground, please do so

we need:
- your name.
- your student id#.
- local phone number & email.

please email this information to Brea AS SOON AS POSSIBLE:

the cost of van rental will be covered, but you will need to help provide $
for gas ($10-30 each).

there will be a student meeting the first week of school in january
(6th-10th) for all those who are interested in going to dc. this meeting
will be announced after the ontheground meeting on sunday (if you want to
come to sunday's meeting email me for directions: ontheground@okcancel.org)

links to more information:
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{_2_} important upcoming events for ontheground:

_*___j06_students for social justice meeting________________
5-7pm, jan 6th, A-Zone, 2129 W Milwaukee Ave.
[2-3 blocks west of Western; get off at the blue line western stop (towards
o'hare) walk a few blocks north on milwaukee ave.]
details on this group and meeting are below (point #3 in this newsletter...

_*___j07_PRESIDENT BUSH is coming to CHICAGO___________
11:00am - Sheraton Chicago Towers (near columbus & grand)
Bush is scheduled to speak to members of the Economic Club of Chicago at a
luncheon on Tuesday, January 7, at the Sheraton Chicago Towers, 301 E. North
Water St., as part of that group's 75th anniversary observance. he will be
outlining his new tax-cuts which will benefit primarily upper-income tax
payers. a study shows that if you make under $500,000/year, you would save
about $74 in bush's new tax plan, compared to $24,000 in tax-cuts if you
make more than $1million/year. crazy. come voice your opinion.

_*___j10_rally at the INS building ___________
12noon, 10 w. jackson.
rally at the INS building to support immigrants who are required to
"register" on that day as they did in LA the other week when 1000 or more
were arrested without trial or charges.

_*___j10_Labor Voices and Veterans Against War___________
7pm - fri jan 10th
Teamsters Local 705 Auditorium, 300 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago
Speakers include (list in formation):
BILL DAVIS, former national coordinator Vietnam Veterans Against the War;
now chief shop steward, International Association of Machinists at
Chicago-area United Parcel Service. DAN LANE, a leading activist in the
mid-1990s lockout of the UPIU at A.E.
contact: joeallen705@hotmail.com or at 312-829-0962.

STOP the War on Iraq!--January 11 Regional Mobilization
12 noon, saturday, 11 january 2003
Federal Plaza, downtown chicago (adams & dearborn streets)

_*___j15_Paul Wolfowitz is coming to UofC___________
4pm - Univ. of Chicago's International House, 1414 e. 59th st, chicago.
"Paul Wolfowitz is going to be speaking at the U of Chicago on
Jan 15. Details are hard to come by because the admin is obviously
making it difficult in an attempt to limit the opposition. Several groups
want to get involved with this but are waiting for the U of Chicago student
anti-war group to decide what course of action they will take. It is my
understanding that their group has not decided what to do as of yet and will
not meet again until next week at the earliest. I suggest that we plan on
being there to do something. Wolfowitz is a big deal and we CANNOT pass up
this opportunity to "welcome" him just as we'll do for Bush on the 7th. Let
me know what you think, what you know, and whether or not you can help out."

___day of bombing, 5pm___CHICAGO EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLAN___
Federal Plaza (jackson & adams)
  If the U.S. starts bombing another country (or dramatically increases its
current bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan), a protest will take place at 5
p.m. at the Federal Plaza the day the bombing begins, with a follow up
protest at the same time and place the day after.
  In such a situation, COLUMBIA STUDENTS will gather at 4:30pm in
front of 623 s. wabash (hokin bldg.) and departing at 4:45pm for Federal

{_3_} students for social justice news:

We are having a meeting tomorrow evening.

5-7pm, A-Zone, 2129 W Milwaukee (2-3 blocks west of Western)

It is very important that we meet to discuss the following upcoming
activities/actions and our involvements in them.

-Jan 7, protest the arrival of GWB here in Chicago to speak on new economic
-Jan 10, rally at the INS building to support immigrants who are required to
"register" on that day as they did in LA the other week when 1000 or more
were arrested without trial or charges.
-Jan 11, Mass Regional Demonstration against the war - we have been invited
to send a student speaker, and another of our members is slated to sing a
-Jan 15, protest Paul Wolfowitz speaking at the U of C
-Jan 18, National Demonstrations and Youth/Student organizing meetings in
DC/San Fran - we have a bus (DC) and seats/tickets are available!
-Jan 25-26, NCOR Conferenc in DC, Autonomous Summit in Pittsburgh
-Sometime in Jan/Feb, Chicagoland area Emergency Response Plan for when the
all-out offensive begins on Iraq
-fundraising - we're doing it!!!
-Campaign against military recruitment on high school/college campuses
-Leo Burnett action, perhaps in Feb, very brief discussion - what is it and
do we want to do it, we can plan at another time

Our group, Students for Social Justice, is already heavily involved in the
planning/organizing/building for most of these events. Many activist groups
in Chicago are already aware of our group and are looking to us as leaders
in the student movement here in Chicago. There are specific things that we
have already done for these actions and there are some very specific tasks
that still need to be addressed. We will need volunteers for this and I
encourage everyone to do whatever they can to contribute to making these
actions a success for both the movement and for our group itself.

I hope to see you there. Please contact me if you cannot attend but would
like more info and/or want to get involved in these and/or future actions.
Please spread the word. All student/youth activists are welcome.

In solidarity,
Eric David Peters

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