Assignment: Feature Release

For this assignment, write a feature release about the excitement at Lowden Park.

Your objective is to attract the attention of Chicagoans who might be enticed to make the 50-minute trip to Turtle Bay for an authentic small-town festival.

Your feature release should be two pages in length, like all releases.

Use a delayed lead, to give a fresh perspective on your message. Remember that the "nut graf" containing all the essential information of a summary lead must follow quickly, to insure that the editor is able to grasp the news value of your story.

Note that you'll need a Message Planner for this assignment, as with every press release. Include the Message Planner in the same Microsoft Word document as your press release -- NOT in a separate file.

    name the file PRW-yourlastname-feature.doc

    In the "Subject:" field put PRW-yourlastname-feature
    and send it to me by Sunday at midnight.

And be sure to use the Press Release Checklist to edit your work before you turn it in to me.... otherwise I'll simply email it back and ask you to make the obvious corrections, so I can concentrate my feedback on your creative development.

Alton Miller