PR Writing Online Instructions

      Remember the Rules of the Game (from your "Online Study" page). Some of this information may not apply to you yet, depending on where you are in the course when you access this page. But it will be here when you need it, and you should check this page first when you forget what our procedures are. You should also check "Getting Started" and "Online Study" – the links on the navigation bar at left.

      You will write and rewrite every paper for this class at least two times. – not your first "benchmark" efforts (PRW-yourname-release1) but beginning with the assignment for Lesson Two (PRW-yourname-PRHeart).

      At first, your only feedback is collective feedback. You will NOT get individual comments on the assignment for Lesson Two (PRW-yourname-PRHeart) – we will use this assignment as a classroom example that everyone will learn from together.

      You WILL receive comments and a grade on the assignment for Lesson Three (PRW-yourname-Evita) – and for every subsequent assignment.

      A little later (around lesson six) you should begin to do your rewrites for assignments so you can improve your grade – every rewrite will be an opportunity to improve your grade for that assginement.

      Each improved grade replaces the previous one. Those earlier, lower grades are not averaged in. If you write a paper and get an "F" (not unusual) I will tell you why your grade suffered so you'll know how to fix it in the rewrites. If you get a "B" on the next draft, that's the grade you keep -- not "F" averaged with "B" for a "C-minus," but the "B" you have earned.

      How do I calculate your grades? Easy – go to "How I Grade a Press Release".

      Every time you send a new rewrite, give it a new number. Again, this is very important: your filename should change with each rewrite. Miss Jones sends in her first "Evita" assignment, named prw-jones-evita.doc.I mark it up and send it back (it will be named something like prw-jones-evita-x.doc). Then she rewrites it and sends it in again, this time named prw-jones-evita-2.doc. Please don't forget to add the little hyphen before the version number. It is so easy for files to get lost.

      Now that you have read all this, please read it again. To summarize: after you get editing comments on "Evita," you will know a number of things that are wrong with your "PRHeart" release. Based on the comments, and on the information in the lessons, you will be able to rewrite both those releases and get them turned in on your own schedule. There is no deadline for rewrites, so long as they arrive by the end of the course, as part of your final portfolio.

Keep up the good work,

Alton Miller