Final Portfolio & Final Exam

Your Final Portfolio is due at midnight on Sunday, July 16
In your lead paragraph for each release, please be sure to give special attention to a powerful message which should include the 5 W's. The lead should make clear why your story is newsworthy & interesting. Double check each release against the information on the page, Evaluating Press Releases and the Press Release Checklist

Final Portfolio

Your Final Portfolio is actually just a collection of your last best work on the final draft of each assignment. I do not want you to spend your hard-earned money on a fancy portfolio presentation book. If, however, you're interested in what a good portfolio should look like, take a look at this page on Resumes, Portfolios and Cover Letters from Texas Tech University.)

Your portfolio should arrive as a single email with nine attachments. That is, each assignment should be in its own Microsoft Word document, (with the message planner plus writing assignment), and all nine assignments should be grouped together as attachments in a single email -- to

  1. Media Alert for "From the Heart". No rewrite necessary but make sure you have properly formatted it. Text will not need rewriting once your grammar and spelling are correct.
  2. Press Release and Message Planner for "From the Heart" (Westland). This was your first, "benchmark" assignment. You have multiple examples of "From the Heart" message planner and release, as well as verbal discussions in class. Do this rewrite based on those examples.
  3. Press release and Message Planner for "Evita"
  4. Product Release and Message Planner for "Product" (Natgo)
  5. Feature Release and Message Planner for "Feature" (Lowden Park)
  6. Press release and Message Planner for "Midterm" (Haddaway)
  7. 30-second PSA and a Broadcast Release ("PSA") with Message Planner
  8. Script Treatment and Working Script ("VNR") with Message Planner
  9. Confirmation Letter and Pitch Letter ("Pitch") with Message Planner
  10. Final Exam Press release and Message Planner - this will not be in your portfolio since you will be emailing it to me on a final exam schedule.

Final Thoughts

If you're satisfied with your grade on any assignment, for example if you got a "C" and do not care to improve it, you may skip the rewrite. I realize that many of my students are not PR majors, and you may choose to stick with the "C" rather than chase an "A". However, if you earned a "D" or "F" on your first draft, I would suggest making the effort to improve that grade.

Be sure to read the Naming Files instructions.

Keep up the good work,

Alton Miller