General Education Program Course List || Mission

Columbia College is committed to providing students with comprehensive educational opportunities in the arts, communications and public information, within the context of enlightened liberal education. At Columbia the General Education Program introduces students to the broader spectrum of human knowledge, thereby providing a basis for continued growth in their chosen discipline and for lifelong learning.

Academic Information

The General Education core requirements provide the basic skills and information relevant to the study of a chosen profession and ensure an educational base in the liberal arts and sciences, humanities, English, literature, and history. In addition, the General Education requirements play an essential role for students in the arts and media by integrating their technical expertise with the broader spectrum of knowledge, and by providing a basis for lifelong learning.

All students, freshman and transfers, entering Columbia in or after fall 1997 and prior to fall 2005, are required to complete the following General education core. For specific courses that fulfill these requirements, consult the class schedule or General Education course listings. Students who entered prior to fall 1997 should check the General Education requirements published in previous editions of the College catalog. Students returning to the College after such a period of time as to require readmission must complete the requirements in place at the time of reentry.

Area or Course Semester Hours
Communications 9
English Composition I and II (6)
Oral Communication (3)
College Mathematics 3
Computer Applications 3
Science 6
One course with lab component (3)
Additional science course (3)
History 6
Humanities 9
Comparative arts course (3)
Literature (3)
Additional humanities elective (3)
Social Science 6
Two courses from two different disciplines  
General Electives 6
Select one course from science, mathematics, history, humanities, literature, or social science  
Total 48

Students may not apply any course that is required and/or counted for their major toward General Education requirements.