Review for Experimental Course Proposals


To submit a course for review by the Curriculum Committee, the following information is needed: a) copy of the original Permanent Course Information Form; b) copies of Change to Existing Course forms, if changes have been made to the course since first submission; c) copy of the Course Information Summary from the computer registration file; d) a complete and current syllabus; and e) answers to the following Course Review Questions.

To facilitate the review of a course proposal, please provide the following information.

Your name:

Your email:


Course Number:

Course Title:

Semester/Year first offered: Number of times taught:

1. Why is this course necessary in your departmental curriculum? Describe how this course will complement or relate to the other courses in the department or interdisciplinary program.

2. Describe the audience for whom this course is designed.

a. What is the anticipated enrollment?

b. Is this course recommended primarily for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, or combined graduate and undergraduate students?

c. Is this course 1) required for a major, core, or concentration; 2) an elective for a major; 3) required or elective for a minor; 4) General Education requirement; or 5) all college elective?

3. To which courses in the curriculum (your own and all other departments) is this course similar in title, description, content covered, or skill taught? If similarities are noted, explain how your course differs.

4. Explain how the number of credit hours assigned to the course relates to the content covered and course work assigned as well as the contact hours for the course. (Illinois state guidelines require that for each semester hour students must have at least one contact hour in the classroom for a regular 15 week semester. Studios and labs are generally of longer duration.)

5. If you are applying for general education, writing intensive, or repeatable status, please answer the appropriate question.

a. General Education: If this course is to satisfy one of the General Education areas of study, attach the answers to the general education review questions for the specific area. (Contact the Associate Academic Dean for Curriculum for the appropriate form.)

b. Writing Intensive: If this course is to be Writing Intensive, summarize all writing assignments required and note if there is opportunity for rewrites within these assignments.

c. Repeatable: If this course is to be repeatable, explain why it is necessary for the students to take this course again for credit, and how many repeats will be allowed.

If you have questions, contact Jan Garfield, at or your Curriculum Committee departmental representative.


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