All College Council Guidelines
for 18/36 Months Program Review

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The All College Council requires follow up reviews (18 and 36 mos) for all new college programs that have been approved by the Council. To prepare for these reviews a department should address the following questions:

To facilitate the participation of the All College Council in the 18 ( ) 36 ( ) month review of a new college program (degree plan), the following questions should be addressed. The answers to these questions should indicate and illustrate the progress of the program since its inception.
  1. Major Goals
    1. Explain how your department has been able to achieve the stated goals for this program.
    2. In the past 18 or 36 months, have there been any changes in the original goals of the program? If so, please note these changes.
  2. Major Curriculum and Course Analysis
    1. Since the onset of the program, have the requirements for the major been changed? If so, what changes were made, and why?
    2. What new courses have been added to the curriculum since the original approval of the program was granted?
    3. If courses from other departments are included in the program, describe the success of this relationship.
    4. How is student learning assessed within the courses or major?
    5. Describe any other methods used by the department in evaluating the program, in general.
  3. Student Population
    1. Describe the success of the program as to the number of students served, majors and non-majors.
    2. What is the potential for further growth in student population?
    3. In the past 18 or 36 months have there been any comparable programs developed within the Chicago area? If so, how will they affect your program?
    4. How successful was the marketing plan developed for this program?
  4. Faculty or Personnel
    1. How did your department meet the projected faculty needs for this program?
    2. Can present faculty provide support for proposed growth? What are the future faculty needs?
  5. Resources
    1. How were the resources utilized to support the program? (Refer to the original description of resources required in the initial proposal.)
    2. What are the future resource needs for the proposed growth of this program?
  6. Future Plans and Concerns
    1. Describe any future plans for this program.
    2. Discuss your concerns regarding this program.


If you have questions, contact Jan Garfield, at or your Curriculum Committee departmental representative.


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