Mom and Albert in their new digs in Kerrville, Texas
Here are some before & afters...Click on any thumbnail to see a clearer picture

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beforeThe long side of the principal room is about 31 feet. Like the other rooms, it is composed of interesting angles, few of them right angles. Behind Albert are doors leading to a narrow balcony patio.

after Same view, next day. The room runs north/south, from the kitchen area to the balcony, and looks out on the Guadelupe River, which runs east/west. The dining table is between the kitchen and living area.

beforeThe bedroom and living room (the camera is at the front door). From this angle you can look through the open bedroom door, and into the living room as well.

after Amazingly, the bed fits along with the wardrobe and other chests. Kevin, Russell and Jerry succeeded in solving a few structural problems and got it all together.

beforeThe bedroom is small but cozy and bright. With the room unfurnished, I was able to use an exposure that shows off the view. We doubted we'd be able to fit the entire bed, plus wardrobe and desks...

after ...but it worked. As you'll see on the larger version of this photo, you can get around the bed easily, and there's even room for the computer on Al's desk (Mom's desk is now along the 31-foot livingroom wall).

before Looking at the kitchen area from the balcony (this is a reverse shot from photo #1 in the upper left corner), you can just make out the front door at left. I'm not sure but I think there's more kitchen area here than at Patriot Heights.

after I've turned the camera to show the end of the long wall, and the hutch against the back (front?) wall. I didn't get a good shot of the TV & livingroom area (foreground) but it's very spacious, not at all cramped.

before The Guadelupe river is just outside the window - you can hear it and watch the mist rise off the water early in the morning. The Hill Country is considerably cooler than S.A., and feels a little like Ohio.

after Al's desk, two low 2-drawer pieces and the wardrobe span the distance from the window to the bedroom door (back to the left). This is where Mom will be sitting when she reads our daily email.

Mom and Al (third floor, right of center) can have coffee on their balcony. Their wrought iron furniture fit up there, so they can sit at their cafe table and watch the sunset, when it's not too chilly.

Or they can enjoy the same view from inside the glass doors. They have their backs to the 9 X 12 livingroom area, framed by the patio, two recliners with a small table between them, the couch, and the wall with TV.

This is what they're looking at when they stand at the patio. That's the Hill Country, just across the Guadelupe, and though the colors aren't like northern fall foliage (more Ralph Lauren) they're beautiful.

Another view from the balcony. This is where I was standing to take the photo of Mom & Al standing on their patio. Guadelupe Street, which parallels the river, is a quiet street.

Here's the Ameripark complex from one angle. As you can tell from their website, it's a comprehensive facility, and seems to be very well maintained.

Here I've turned the camera to look down Guadelupe Street, toward the far corner with its own separate entrance. It's a big complex, and if you use the main entrance you walk more than a city block to get to their apartment.

You can read more information on the facility at the Ameripark website.